Remembrance of The Divine + Caring For & Valuing Yourself

Bismillah 🙂 


When you are given a mission in life, you will often not feel up to the challenge.


You will often want to run and hide. And more than likely, for a while; you will.


The world is an interesting place. Know as much about this world as you can. It will help you. Stock up on your intelligence in this category.


And also know that the ATTACHMENT to it, is where the illusion comes in. You are free to enjoy all material abundance as you desire in whatever form or shape minus the attachment to it. A nice car, a beautiful house, lovely fancy clothes. But they adorn you, NOT CREATE YOU. Use them as the tool, not the actual end.


Because attachment is what causes more suffering and pain. Find proper things to attach to, things that validate the SOUL INSIDE because you cannot solve hunger by taping sandwiches to your body.


They will try and distract you, bring you shiny, beautiful objects.


They will create multitudes of self-doubt and sow the seeds of discord within your own mind. The human mind is exceptionally susceptible to influence. So much so, that it is rare to find a person who thinks an original thought anymore.


But when you know your DIVINE MISSION, a normal life isn’t just for you anymore. There is a part of you that will never allow you to live in that secrecy of ignoring the calling. That calling, can often come through your business, your partnership, your marriage, your friendships — but it will be based on Service. It is the magickal way of being yourself.


Any person who has Spirit in their heart and runs a business, will always glorify The Lord. The Lord, is upto YOU to decide whom you consider that and from whom you seek bounty, praise, and, veneration. It means that you will not fall trap to things that excite people who live from the ego. You can be ANY faith, any religion, any spiritual order — anything. Because the Creator, is the same for everyone, it is merely celebrated in different ways and under different names. Seek protection from what seeks to destroy you, because it swarms this planet.


Isn’t it tempting to think that you can help no one? Not even yourself? Isn’t it tempting to give into a narrative and a lie that no matter what you do, that you will simply never matter? But the reality is, that self-care teaches you to value yourself. To listen to your body, to rest, and be at a place where you are merely IN this world, but not OF it. You will save yourself a lot of stress and drama, by conducting yourself with that.


How many times have you betrayed yourself?


And how did it feel when you had to live with that regret? How did you justify it?


Listened to other people instead of YOURSELF?


Why do they tell you that the gift of intuition and psychic ability is “strange”? What is strange about YOUR OWN SELF? Ask yourself this.


Went ahead because it was the POPULAR THING over the RIGHT THING?


Most do, and that’s what hurts those of us who don’t.


How many times have you tried to do the right thing, and failed?


Try again, circumstances will be different when you apply yourself with candor and vigor.


How many times have you seen pain, suffering, and chaos — and felt powerless to stop it?


You are not powerless. There is always something you can do, no matter how limited.


How many times have you felt truly isolated, alone, scared, confused, overwhelmed, anxious, and, lost?


But haven’t we, all.


How many times have you thought “wow, I wish I had his/her life?”


The reality is, covet NO ONE’S life.


Because you never know what someone hides behind closed doors. Verily, all that glitters is not even gold dust, let alone gold. You do not know someone’s struggles intimately, all the scars and wounds of unworthiness, sadness, shame, sorrow, and emptiness they possess? So in essence, your wish and desire may be to rid of your challenges but think of what you would inherit.


Peace and Happiness, come from one thing.


Contentment of the Soul. 


This is why you can see someone dart from one partner, one business, one this or that to another — with no real PEACE inside themselves. Everything is crazed, permanent anxiety about them. They do not breathe, and, nor do they let anyone else breathe either. They consistently battle with the MIND, because they have no peace of the SPIRIT. They chase EMPTY GOALS and expect something concrete from them.


Ask yourself “Would I wish to treat my body this way?”


The relationship you have with yourself, is the most important one you will ever, ever have.


Care for yourself. You are not here to fix anyone else. Caring for yourself means caring for others because we can only meet someone else, as far as we have met ourselves.