Spartanite Pink Diamond Winter Solstice Reflections + Prep for 2018

Happy Winter Solstice and Capricorn season!

Tomorrow, is Christmas and this has been a very remarkable and productive year for many of those who have switched timelines. It has been a joy and blessing to deeply hibernate and rest a fair bit, in order to plan for a grand 2018. I woke up this morning, having been gifted a black emerald and ruby encrusted scarf by one of my spirit guides in my dream. It is blissful when your Spiritual Court takes care of you.

We are being moved quickly to artificial ways of living, that depress and compress the human spirit. Where there is tyrannical rule through the OLD WORLD ORDER, you will always find sadness, disorder and chaos. This is the chief strategy that your elite use, to keep you stupid, dumbfounded and dumb. Although you may use their global currencies, you MUST use specific rites to DELINK yourself from the energy that will invade yourself, permeating your vibrational grid–making you chase after money.

A wise woman once said to me “You made your mark in life because you allowed the coal inside you to be transformed into a PINK DIAMOND”

Many people know my pink diamond analogy, back from when I was very young. In fact, if I hadn’t been ordained to move through and forward with the name SPARTANITE — Pink Diamond was my next option. Pink, the colour of true heart chakra love (in the hara chakra)—also representing Divine Feminine energy as well as being a strong carbon crystal, created under extreme pressure. Personally, I adore Pink Diamonds because they are RARE. A Spartanite is a beautiful and rare woman to find.

2017, has all brought us some interestingly blissful and catharic lessons. We have had people come and go in our lives, we have focused on healing and being on the timeline, where love and peace DO exist within our families (this is tricky..) and choosing REAL FRIENDS to grow with, not those who hold us back with their own self limiting beliefs. Life is going to test you repeatedly, on what you believe and what you don’t. 2018, is bringing us EXPANSIVE lessons with the next 3 years being a Saturn in Capricorn transit.

My dear, not everyone can see a rare and beautiful thing. Some people do not value rare. They think they can use and abuse their access to something precious.

They are so used to hanging around trash, that any light inside them—too, has become trash. You may be reading this and wonder where the people are, who value you. Those people are within you. They are how you value yourself. When you know your own worth, no other person, no man, nothing –can trash it. A mentor of mine years ago, said famously –“Great people know they are great, LONG BEFORE anyone in the world, deems it so.”. I make personal pledges to be loyal and good to those who are kind to me. I encourage and embolden them, help them fix their life and set them up in the world.

When you know YOU inside your own heart, are valuable–you will never give your time, to those who do not realise that YOU ARE.

This is what I often mean by “Self-Love”. It is loving the Self SO MUCH, that you do not tolerate ANY disrespect from those who do not respect you as a REGAL, SOVEREIGN woman. I had a friend once ask me about a guy who left her “Nadia, why did he leave?” — the situation was complex and I simply answered “Despite external Spiritual influence (and it was just that), he was so used to dealing with AVERAGE WOMEN, he didn’t know what to do when he came into contact with you. So, the 3D survival mode kicked within him—and he ran. Ran back to what was familiar”. I cover a lot of this, in my upcoming course, Spartanite Love Goddess. .

Spend most of this Winter Period, right into February, allowing your own growth to take place, and choose to love yourself, before you can love anyone else. This will be my last post of 2017, and with that—I sign out until the new year coming up—where I will be having fresh insight and groundbreaking new Spartanite courses, to transform your DESTINY.

With Love

I would love to hear your comments in the section below <3