Spiritual Finance Made Simple

Over years and years, I have found no other bunch of women, struggle more with money than Spiritual women. Often times, people equate Spirituality with being poor, or that money is dirty and as I decided to take it upon myself to create a company that gives Spiritual women a fresh feel, I had to keep in mind that most of them actually have limiting beliefs.

The world is full of these poverty ridden beliefs that do not serve anyone at the end of the day. They only keep people miserable, broke and unable to make their rent payments, because they have no concept of managing and balancing their Finances, properly.

So what is different about Spiritual women vs other women?

In a short form, the answer is energy.

Spirit based women are sensitive to energy and I haven’t known a single one who will don up a nice trouser suit and go and fight with men in a boardroom. Look I respect those women a lot. Once upon a time, that was me. But that energy, is very harsh, painful and masculine for women who feel a lot. And plus the world doesn’t like women who feel because we’re broken apparently and there is something wrong with us.

Spiritual Finances Made Simple, simply means that All Finance has it’s root based in Spirituality and Psychic ability. All money and cash flow, can be explained through this and the entire premise of Spartanite is to empower Spiritual Women on a monetary and financial level, to understand the hidden and bold occult power(s) of it, in order to expand their wealth.