Still Waters Run Deep : Clauneck’s Tales Of The LHP

For quite some time, I have fancied making an entry on this post. Either life catches up to me, or I am busy catching up to a pile of Spartanite work or books that are necessary to possess continuum over my written workings, all that benefit those who read it. Alas, I held a conversation with someone today and knew it was time.

Now, for those reading this, some will know, and others will not. I am an Occultist, and I practice different strains of Magickal paths, one of them of course being the Left Hand (LHP), as documented and evidently so, by working so very publicly with King Clauneck, Goetic entity of Commerce, Merchant trade, and Finances at large. I have done so, for many years and my primary method of working is Arabian Magick, as it is closest to me in nature. The one interesting thing I have come to notice, and even within myself, as I radically embraced my life in the Occult, I came to find that calmness of the river runs through me. Not a lot riles me up, when it does, hell atypically does follow.

So what can we glean from this?

There is a saying in Farsi (Persian) that is common as part of my sub-culture where they say — “Knives that pass underwater, do not leave marks”. Yes, this is most certainly referring to magick/sorcery because what is not in plain sight, cannot be attacked. This is why with the very nature of things, Occult rituals are practiced in absolute silence. In all my time working with people, it is those who possess rash and hasty mindsets, that come to become the biggest losers in life. Impatiences to make your million dollars, to meet your life partner, to have that perfect body, all comes from wanting the event and not the process one must forge in order to get to that next level, a level that can only be met through persistence, and investment within SELF.

When an individual possesses the DESIRE TO TRANSFORM and achieve the said result, there is absolutely NO amount of financial barrier that will stop them. It doesn’t matter HOW IMPOSSIBLE it looks. They will come up and show up, because it means the world to them. As the jewels of the sea, lay on the ocean bed, so do the jewels of life itself. Discovering a grand mentor is hard, I met mine through sheer and complete happenstance. My previous one, in the same way– so much so, I thought he was an initial scam and he turned out to be a multi-millionaire.

So why is the LHP so crucial in the elementary building stages of owning, possessing, and controlling your own life, One may ask?

Now, my answer comes from a more rationale and balanced perspective as I DO believe in God, The Almighty and Most High. Most Occultists and Left Hand Practitioners, state themselves as a god. When one does not account and attribute any type of extra interference on where one’s life is to be measured, it makes life rather simple to get on. Most religious people are very powerless, because they are always begging a “God” in the Sky, to help them and believe you me, when the help comes, they cannot fucking see it even if it slapped them in the face. I have a relative like this. Begged, cried, and prayed to The Creator. When I showed up with help, THE VERY HELP SHE BEGGED FOR, she turned it down.


Because she was expecting a cloud to pop out of the sky and POOF, waving a magickal wand, all would be well.

Entrepreneurship is the HIGHEST expression of the Left Hand Path. The LHP is NOT EVIL, although it most certainly will be cited as that, as King Marduk in the Babylonian tales, was considered “evil”, because he wasn’t down with the mess that the other gods were up to. Yes, there will be DARK energy practiced in the LHP, and some DO use it for evil sadly, but mainly it is true control and temper over one’s self. There is yet an occultist that I am yet to meet who isn’t in complete control of their emotions, thus their life. I have personally worked with many Goetic entities, both from within and without the Grimorium Verum, for myself and my trusted clients alike. Water scares many people. There is a calm and silence that is incredibly terrifying, because all your fears rise to the surface. I have been in a room with entities where I have felt like I was in the middle of no where in an Ocean, and it was beyond terrifying, probably worse than facing the prospect of death.

Traditionally, this is why calm people terrify those in the mundane. The mundane individual, is used to a life filled with nonsense, drama, and chaos. A life where one can shout and scream, to quieten those terrible insecurities. When they come across those who quietly listen, and point out their flaws and insecurities, One can see how they recoil and lash out quicker than a rattlesnake on a hot, desert day. Entrepreneurship, is a realm filled with idiots, losers, and timewasters trying to “make it big”, trying to “grab the next sale/client”, never to once pay mind or attention to their own thought processes, thus behaviour that may be betraying them.

Still waters run deep, but the real question is…

…how deep do you wish to go?

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