Summoning Clauneck : Chessboard Strategies To Uplevel Your Life

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum,— Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in MANY of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life, even when the outside may have looked hopeless.


Clauneck has been my Spirit business mentor for a while, and sometimes I forget just how strong his impact can be.  One line out of him, can haunt you for decades at the brilliance of his accuracy. Known to be quite friendly, loving, and cheerfully straightforward with a fantastic sense of humour, his energy is piercing, searing, high intensity and extremely masculine. Being the Spirit of WEALTH, VALUE, AND, MERCHANT FINANCE, he will ruthlessly assess a human and stick them on the auction block as many other Magi have ascribed to him correctly. Through Clauneck, one can learn of all their fault, flaws, and shortcomings that keep them from living a life WORTH LIVING.


He has a specific way of mentoring that I incorporate personally with Elite Clients through both his Chessboard Strategy + Financial Vault Mentorship, that is completely life-changing. Clauneck does not change your life, as much as he shifts your perspective and when that happens, fast results ensue.


This round I decided to ask him about upleveling into a new level of your life, below are the transcribed thoughts from a channel sedation I had with him at my altar, replete with his enn and sigil.




I chant this as many times as necessary until I feel him present in the room I am working from and when I feel he wishes to speak through me.


Me : “Hello Clauneck!! Thank you for coming to answer a few questions I have.”


CK : “Certainly. It is nice to see you again, Nadia. I see you have been upto speed by speaking with Bune and she’s done quite a fine job in her own counsel with you. Speak, what do you wish to ask of me?!”


Me : “Well, I have been evaluating a lot of things in my life and my landscape looks a bit…erm, different? I have suddenly felt the urge to do things I normally would not do, going to places someone can only “dream of” and they all look so real to me. Can you explain how a person uplevels their life?”


CK : “Simple. Matrix re-patterning. I know you have written about it prior many moons ago on this very blog you will transcribe our conversation, at.


Humans have given too much control to external factors. Your work happens fast because you do not surrender control to anything outside your psychic ability. Which in elementary terms as I would address it as, a person’s gut feeling or intuition. You know what is right and wrong for you, based on your ability to keep refining your intuition, which as we all know, has saved your life. 


Now you ask about up-leveling. It is a current. Think of walking in the Pacific, did you not feel PULLED into the Ocean and you were only tentatively walking on the shore? Change is scary. It is why few are successful in life. Success requires immense amount of Courage, emotional courage, my child. It takes courage to leave behind what you know and venture into the unknown, no matter how great the thing ahead may be for you. That is the nature of the human race, only a handful rise above it.”


Me : “Can you please elaborate on this “current”?


CK : “A current is an overwhelming feeling of moving in a specific direction. A current is a magnetic pull. When man DISHONOURS THIS PULL, HE IS SEVERELY PUNISHED FOR NOT FOLLOWING THE MACHINATIONS OF HIS HEART AND SPIRIT. If some fool told you to “stay put” and your house was on fire, only those disconnected from the Self, stay there. You would jump 10 stories to try and save yourself because you trust your senses. Is this making sense? The same goes for up-leveling. Nadia, when it is time, it is TIME. Nothing stops the hurricane from hitting landfall, when it is time, it hits. It is only a person who through the appraisal of his own fear, useless fear might we add, that stops him for achieving his own destiny”


Me : “So you’re saying one up-levels, because the alternative is far too painful?”


CK : “One assumes it as such. It can also be, you have outgrown it. When you gained your full current weight, what made you buy a larger size? Simple. Those jeans wouldn’t even go past your thighs, let alone you trying to zip them up! Your skirt buttons threatened to pop. Your skinny little shirt would have torn at the weight of you looking like a proper woman now. But weren’t you happy though? You are! And you are proud! Why does a woman buy different bra size at any stage of her life? The strap may dig, the band may ride up, basically — your answer is, exceptional discomfort. And discomfort comes when one has outgrown something. A familial tie, a relationship, a friendship, a business partnership.”


Me : “What is the best strategy to up-level your life?”


CK : “Try not to be foolish in matters of being hasty, manic, and rushing into decisions.


On that note…


Carefully assess, and give time to study the situation/person at hand. And that is what you did. Do one thing at a time, and you will see far more progress than trying to do 10 things at once. I have taught you this since the day we began working together energetically. You may not see change in working out everyday, and neither will you see change in eating pizza equally–however each action yields consequence. And this consequence cannot be without one who has put either conscious or unconscious thought of what they wish to do. A man may have a lean toned body in 6 months of working out,and the polar opposite of pizza everyday.


Pizza is nice though, I like eating it!… 🙂 “


Me : “We all like Pizza LOL! What is the best piece of advice you can give me to share on Sparty Blog about up-leveling?”


CK : “For a human? Ah, yes. As I mentioned, change is painful and scary. Since most people simply live and die in fear, the first thing a person requires to grab a solid hold of, is their THINKING. AND, furthermore, your thinking and your emotions, are connected. Mastery of Self, is mastering the energies that surround you plus your mind. A human only thinks they are not in control when their homeostasis, is moving from one piece of chaos to the next. Normalise chaos, and you will live a very balanced life because you will not allow yourself to be talked down to, ridiculed, bullied, and controlled.”


Me : “Can you remark on those who may not like you up-leveling?”


CK : “Absolutely. Two types of humans.


Firstly, those who fear you will leave them behind. Spartanite, it is not your, or, anyone’s concern for that matter; on those who wish to live a squalid life, in the gutter. You are not responsible for someone else’s lack of will, desire, ambition etc. Each human makes a choice. Be it good or bad. Secondly, those who wish to seek to control you. These are individuals with abusive tendencies and these tendencies are often disguised. Many of them are in human families, and “friends”. You will be called to work with Malphas to show you the true nature of a person and then find the courage to continue or discontinue. Humans wear many masks, Nadia, mainly to fool themselves, as those with sight, are rarely fooled.


However as you know, the common human, lacks spiritual sight and is easily controlled. Courage is hard, for a myriad of reasons. It takes DISAPPOINTING OTHER PEOPLE AND OVERCOMING YOUR OWN FEAR OF BEING JUDGED AND RIDICULED, to move forward. “


Me : “I think that should suffice and I am happy to share that. I appreciate your clarity and evaluation of up-leveling and on what it takes to do so. Thank you very much <3"


CK : “You are always welcome! We will speak soon”


Clauneck has spoken many times about this, however it is always good to get it in a formal transcription. Part of the reason of the Chessboard Strategy that can be found by clicking here, is about making a person aware to all the tenets of SELF MASTERY a person should undertake, in order to discover the success and unearth the Jewels that lie within them.


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