Summoning Clauneck — Guidance For Wealth Consciousness

My channels with the King of Money, are always fun to transcribe.

In this journey we call life, I feel honoured to have been put in alignment with the Daemonic Bank Manager, Spirit Accountant, and Keeper of the Astral Vault — none other than Clauneck himself. Clauneck, hands down has been one of the MOST influential Daemonic spirits I have ever worked with and has kept me going over the deep end many times when it comes to financial strategy, thinking, and responsibility. He also makes for a fabulous mentor on the masculine mind and I attribute many of my insights on understanding men down to him.

Wealth Consciousness, is an incredibly deep topic. So much so, that wealth extends to every part of your entire being. I have chosen to work with the counsel of Clauneck, Belphagor, and some djinn that have their own way of financial thinking to combine this article — however Clauneck spoke to the most about this. Clauneck works to create SOME (1) THING out of NO (0) THING. Which means Alchemical Manifestation. And nothing sums this better up, than Entrepreneurship. Below is the channel of the guidance of wealth consciousness Clauneck had to state.

CK : “Nadia, people think wealth consciousness is all about money. It is not. It is about how you show up in life. Ever notice the moment you mention money, most people seem to clam up? They don’t have this or that or whatever that is required of them to grow. You know yourself that you would have been the very people you mention, had you not taken NECESSARY AND DRASTIC steps to transform your life. People like to think they have mastered a domain of consciousness, only to discover they are still swimming in it? That is due to the fact that there are LEVELS of a specific consciousness. One may assume he/she has finished formal education, only to discover there is college above school, and university above college. Is this now beginning to make sense? One needs to take the steps to solidify their emotions and allow the pendulum to swing out of sight, henceforth maintaining a sense of decorum”

Me : “So CK, are you saying that the goal isn’t specifically a certain amount of money but evolving out of a mindset?”

CK  :“Certainly. Otherwise, what use is there to possess that money? Nadia, money is NEVER the goal. It is the experience that money brings into your life. Do you certainly care about money in it’s rawest form? You care more about the food you can buy with it, can you not? When you needed to get out of binds, you thought you cared about money because money was what was missing? It was not. It was the actual product/service. Money is a continuum. WITHOUT wealth consciousness, THAT is when you get to see nasty, greedy, entitled people who have a lot of money. The topic is deep and many people will stop at simply understanding “finance”, which is a matrix construct used to entrap people. People will always find money for what they DEEM important. Of all the things people choose to do with their money, they choose to have none.”

Disclaimer : I really had to sit with the last sentence in Italics. I had to begin asking and demanding more of myself and my time and the sentence slapped me in the face like turbulent wind in a thunderstorm.

Me : “How can someone increase their wealth consciousness?”

CK : “Did BL not tell you to keep remaining fearless? (BL is another spirit he’s referring to here). Fearlessness doesn’t particularly mean “of without fear”, as much as most will mistake it for. It is feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Courage, if one may. A lot of people grasp onto something due to scarcity. This is DIFFERENT to moving like a speeding train when you see opportunities. The problem with people of today is BY THE TIME they THINK to move, the opportunity is gone. Opportunity is like a thief in the night, you have to be fast. Remember your friend who deals cars? Yeah, his level of speed lol! Part of Wealth Consciousness, is doing Solar work (one can choose to do this with the daemon Sorath, King Djinn Baduh etc) so your masculine is activated to spot and move on the opportunity quickly. Let people who do not want to bend life in their favour, keep begging for change. In Wealth consciousness, when you’re in alignment, all you have to do is turn the ignition on, and the car starts itself.”

Me : “I got ya. Claw, why do people hesitate?”

CK : “They have no knowledge of Self and are waiting for outside approval to appease their decision. Lack of confidence, in a nutshell.”

Me : “How does one find the balance of wealth consciousness in a sad world consumed by greed and materialism?”

CK : “By knowing that none of the above, you have mentioned, matters. What is greed and materialism, Spartanite? Is it not satiation of the ego, the hunger to be recognised? Is it not the man to feel like he is THE man, when the woman of his choice looks up at him with awe and wonder? Is it not the vanity of seeing a man look between your cleavage, full well knowing in that moment you possess all forms of power over his mind, body, and cock? Funny how those content in their heart, radiate a special light from their aura, irrespective of their financial position. My dear, money is important. But it is not at the expense of your soul. Money is a tricky topic. They have blackened it in this realm, hence humans naturally struggle with it. Even those with strong wealth consciousness, can often falter — such is the nature of this world you are living in.”

Me : “How does one balance the ego and the Spirit?”

CK : “By knowing the human race, is designed of Spirit, first and foremost. When one is in service to humanity and can possess recompensation of their time, due to knowledge of self worth and feeling deserving — the money comes. The ego and the spirit, are the balance of the head and the heart. Kiss a man, fall in love with him, share your heart, pull back, be a challenge, rinse and repeat (*he is laughing here*). Does it not behoove the man to always be kept on his toes, lest he is bored with your presence? The point is this, one must be comfortable in EXTREMES. You can have the desire to have all the material trappings that are pleasing to the eye and the senses and be at one inside that place. One can be at One sitting inside a hut and transfer that same energy to a penthouse, but one cannot sit without resonance to their soul in a mansion, transfer it to a hut and think it will come. Peace comes from INSIDE. Money indeed, is connected to the soul. The untainted version, that is.”

Me : ” LOL. Tell the man you love him, then don’t answer his phone for 2 days straight? Which type of sorcery is this LMAO???!”

CK : “Tales of the Daemonic King, A-HA! Oh isn’t life stimulating when you play 😉

*We both laugh at this point*. It is nice to see Clauneck always maintains his sense of humour 🙂

Me : “So wealth consciousness, extends far beyond money and is speaking about always giving in exchange with the receiving?”

CK : “Of course dear. One kisses and you’re kissed. One gives, and one receives. Money is like stealing a kiss from someone. You cannot keep kissing someone without them having the desire to kiss you back. Correct me if I am wrong. Wouldn’t it be silly to keep wanting to GIVE the kisses and not let yourself receive the love and desire that comes along with it? Why would you refuse it? The same analogy goes with money. You have to consistently watch your thoughts!”

Clauneck’s analogies always make me smile 🙂

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