Summoning Clauneck -How To Be Successful In Any Area Of Your Life

Success is not arbitrary, as most have been force fed the lie.

Success, chiefly; is achieving a GOAL that will make you HAPPY AND COMPLETE. — King Clauneck

A lot of people think Success is only equivalent to money, and this couldn’t be further from the Truth. Although money is a large part of it, think of something such as finding Love, Weight Loss, achieving Spiritual Gnosis – or whatever other “goal” you may have in mind. Now, you need money for all the above, because money puts you in ALIGNMENT to find people who accelerate these goals. This is the reason I often say to people, “don’t think about anything about your money because once your money is right, everything else is really easy to get into place. REALLY EASY”. Money buys you two things that most people struggle with.

  1. Time.
  2. Access to things you normally couldn’t reach

However, there is a secondary element that most people seem to miss the mark on. This is easier for men to achieve than women, designed and based on their biological functions. It is the type of energy that pushes things into place without “waiting around”.

It’s called (Controlled) Aggression.

All goals, are achieved through aggression, assertion, and persistence.

Most people cannot achieve their goals, because they are not aggressive enough to LEARN to want their goal. They don’t want the goal bad enough.

When you get into aggression alignment, you will tear down walls to get to the other side.

I have seen this in myself, first and foremost; and of course, others. This energy is celebrated in men as a badge of masculinity and abhored in women as “acting like a man”. Women, if you are reading this — you have to get aggressive about what you want in life and get into line to receive it. This doesn’t make you a man unless you’re adopting a roughshod masculine demeanour that is off putting. The rules are much, much harder for us. With men, they are naturally aggressive due to testosterone and will hunt after what they want. Life responds more to masculine than feminine energy. This doesn’t make men better than women, by any sliver of a margin. It is simply universal energy of doing. This doesn’t mean you are forcing anything. It means you spend time sharpening the blade, so when you need to chop the piece of wood, in one clean swipe; the axe runs through.

I used to know a girl I went to school with. She told me she is learning how to drive in real time which is great and I asked her how it’s all going. She told me, it’s really tough and I asked her why. Upon small talk digging, my Spirits pointed out that having a car was an OPTION for her, and not a necessity, hence she was lackadaisical about achieving the goal. King Clauneck, always reminds me that goals are never achieved when someone doesn’t have the ferocity, the fire, and the fearlessness to go after what they want. If that licence was a MUST for her, she would get it within a few months. Most people have goals, but the ones that fire blanks and are going no where in life. I am not suggesting to anyone reading this, that they need to jump up and set themselves on fire to achieve their final destination. We all have off and low days, however heavy energies are the reason that we don’t have the bite to go after what we want.

As the saying goes “Get busy going after the life you want, otherwise you will have excuses on why you don’t have it”. People often think this is a joke, however I cannot stress enough how much having a plan + controlled aggression, gets you there and FAST. It is akin to driving to a destination with your GPS with a tank filled with petrol after checking your engine, oil, and tyres. Nothing aside traffic, or an accident, can stop you. Otherwise, you will drive around in circles; like most people do and wonder why you are going no where.

The 3 step Formula on discovering Success in any area, is as follows

1.Identify the PRECISE goal you want. None of this Abraham Hicks, Law of Attraction, nonsense. NONE. You don’t show up in jogging pants and an unshaved, unkempt face in the City for a 6 figure position. You dress, look, and act the part. You get your BEST suit/skirt suit, nails, hair, makeup, trimmed beard, cologne, perfume, shined out shoes, best watch etc — What is your GOAL? A thriving business? A well paid job? A loving spouse? A hot sex life? A great body? Spiritual knowledge? Being a great parent? This list goes on and on. If you don’t know what you want, don’t EVER expect to get it. 

2.Identify what HOLDS YOU BACK from this goal. Is it your financial issues? Your behaviour? Your dress sense? Aesthetics? Neighbourhood? The car you drive? The place you live in? The friends you have? The negative people around you? Be very candid with yourself and if not, get your mentor to be that with you. Your friends and family can never be brutally honest with you, because Love makes people more prone to forgiving the HARD errors that hold us back. Clauneck is HUGE on identifying what ISN’T working and putting it out of your life, so you can get to where you need to be. Change is hard. You will have to learn to get with it.

3. Get in ALIGNMENT with this goal. So you want to lose weight but you’re hanging around fast food places? Good luck. You have to get the right fitness routine, correct workout clothes and shoes, right personal trainer, correct food, right people to support that mentality and a tonne of willpower and discipline. You also need to learn NOT to be hard on yourself when you falter, because you will (and we all love chocolate far too much lol). Being persistent with the goal achieve and having the consistency of it, will get you, your results. You have to be in places that align you with this goal and create ways for it to meet with you and find you.

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