Summoning Solar Energy + Working With The Black Sun

It should come as absolutely no surprise that working with Solar energy is beyond POWERFUL. Shine like the sun, is not just a catchy cute little phrase, it is quite literal. In sun starved countries in England, HELIOS is key and crucial to maintaining one’s sanity. Heliotherapy (sunbathing, basically), cures an individual of many diseases and afflictions.

Which is why Occult Entrepreneurs use it so very much.

I performed a grand ritual for a client the other day, that involved pulling threads of the sun into his crown vortex that descended into his crown chakra. It was absolutely DRAINING for me and interestingly enough, this ritual yields pretty quick results for someone who is Spiritually fine-tuned. He signed a $10,000 contract, in 72 hours after I performed it for him and we were both pleased with the result. The SUN and JUPITER in the Planetary realms, actually controls wealth and money spheres, which is why Jupiterian energy is so commonly invoked when it comes to the subject of money. Working with the sun and working with the Black Sun, are two different things, however.

The Black Sun, can be categorized as SORATH or powerful SATURNIAN energy, so powerful—it can drive an individual to psychosis if you don’t temper it down. For those who practice in the LHP, we know know how to temper this energy down. For those who do not, working with Sorath is honestly for EXPERTS. Don’t try this shit at home without working with other Spirits from the Verum (e.g Clauneck, Belial, Belphagor etc) and don’t be surprised when SORATH shines a light on you so bright, every single person, their mother and the maggots that live under the house are trying to find you. I made this mistake ONCE over the past year and I would never do it again.

People were stopping me in the street to ask me for the time, when they had a watch and a phone in their hand. People were practically trying to talk to me everywhere I went and I became near enough crazy to nervous breakdown levels because everyone wanted a literal piece of me, until I tempered down Sorath’s heat in a week, and I could breathe.

I am writing about The Black Sun, in a room of absolute DARKNESS, except a small salt lamp to allow me to write this. Most consider the darkness, evil–but the darkness is imperative to see the light, and most spiritual people are damaging others through their FALSE “Love and Light” nonsense.

Life isn’t always about being positive and holding a high vibration. Sometimes you want to pour acid on someone’s face, someone you want to stab someone in broad daylight and sometimes you want to scream and slap someone. Short of performing any of these above acts, one must learn to HONOUR THESE EMOTIONS —something SORATH taught me very quickly as people triggered me when I had worked with the intelligence. Working with YOUR DARK DIVINE EMPOWERMENT through Spartanite means, that you must learn to RAGE these emotions within you (shadow baseline — I talk about this more in a whole chapter in my book winning, which you can find here), without acting on them. When you learn to control intense anger/rage emotions inside you without repressing them, you will be very successful in anything life throws at you.

Business is challenging by nature. There is always a fire one needs to put out, tend to, and keep everything in balance. Working with Solar energy is explosive and you need to be READY, to invite this type of energy into your life. Sorath will not allow you to hide in any shape of form, which is why I often recommend people to work with something lesser like Jupiterian energy, which yields amazing results without the “in your face”, celebrity superstar “always in the limelight”, that Solar energy pertains to.

If performing a Solar Ritual to expand your wealth reach, consciousness and opportunities interests you, please contact me directly and we can discuss it ­čÖé

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