The Circuitry of Wealth Alignment and Moving into “THE CURRENT(S)”

Wealth Alignment, is an interesting Ziggurat of affairs. 


For when we climb into the Ziggurat to pay homage and worship all that makes us feel happy and delightful, there are currents we are required to upgrade into, and in the same turn, let GO of. I have a friend who mentioned she would gladly buy the book I would put out on the HOW TO, when it came to the million currency manifestation (USD, GBP, EUR etc), but in reality ; is there REALLY a guide for this? Or is it more really just going after what you TRULY want?


I wondered if I had what it took to write that book because frankly, everyone’s life is different. We all walk a different path and each path is honoured for the person. People’s words form their entire life, and henceforth, it is a waste of space, oxygen, and time, to speak on things one does not wish to see result in their life. It took me personally a great amount of time to keep correcting the trip ups my tongue was so used to speaking out. This does not mention that you are to be naive of people’s intentions. My accountant called me today and said he had got a 5 figure assistance from our local Council, to help him keep the office rates and rent going. The catch? He hadn’t even applied for any assistance! He’s a solid, decent, man – and he really goes the extra mile for all of us he takes care of, and Universal Law, has merited as such, that he is rewarded. I was excited when he called to share the news because if someone shares financial good news with you, you’re vetted as a safe NON JEALOUS place to celebrate with 🙂


Insofar of saying that, moving into the CURRENTS, is a very powerful strategy, to be able to achieve what you want. But it is for the SERIOUS of person, a person who KNOWS Success is for them, no matter the cost (I mean financially, here) that they will be required to pay. Personally, I have known VERY successful people, with a tonne of money, aesthetically pleasing, and have everything the heart can desire on a pretty pound and penny. But they lacked depth. Everything was shallow and trite about what they thought was an “elite understanding” of life. Some even asked me for help but they ran the paddling pool of life and no matter how much money they wanted to give me, I was unable to help them with Spartanite work.


Possessing Spiritual Integrity whilst walking a dangerous path of the Occult, can often bring us to places where we see a lavish existence but the wealth circuitry is only going to reach a certain level, and then after that?


It blows up in your face.


I’ll never forget the one time where I had a very strange and impromptu coffee with a VERY well known TV Entrepreneur here in London about 4 years back. Most people have seen him and the show he has appeared on. His net-worth is something many can only just dream of. He used to come into the salon I worked in and I asked him Spartanite type questions. I was merely curious about his achievements and wanted to know more. He seemed curious why a woman doing his brows would ask him this stuff, and invited me for coffee. I didn’t know what to expect so I took a break and went along with him. I didn’t even know WHAT to ask him or what to say, nothing. I was nervous. But over a period of time, apparently the “normal” questions I had asked him, had got his attention and he mentioned “well it isn’t everyday a young woman such as yourself seems so hauntingly accurate about how she responds“. I was quiet out of sheer confusion, I was at a very low point in my life and used to mind my business at the job. He put down some money on the table out of respect for my INSIGHT, and said “Tell me what you can about a deal I am making”. I was surprised. I didn’t know how he KNEW I was, so I asked him.  I had never told anyone at work, so they possibly couldn’t have let onto him, I hid the gift with all the energy I could, so I would pass unnoticed. They just thought I was “smart, because you already seem to be reading books…”


I didn’t understand how he knew. I wasn’t even open about what I was, back then.


He mentioned he had worked with “women such as yourself, but a bit older” and they were dead on accurate. “Your eyes are all the same, you see things we cannot, you have never looked at me, you look through me”. I was surprised and impressed that he had recognised the gift quite quickly, so I looked into his deal at a quantum level, and told him, he would be travelling 2 weeks from the day I spoke it out and within the space of 40 days, it would close. However one of his business partners would have family issues, and it should have closed sooner. He was in a rush to close within 15, I told him there would be a delay. I next saw him after a few months and when he came to get his brows done, said, “Thank you for giving me the heads up, I appreciate it. The guy’s wife went into labour earlier than expected.”.


I smiled.


I have consulted and divined for many successful business men, and women. Investments, Deals, Intentions, Relationships, you name it — and there is a way to make things fall into place and line MINUS the headache of the Mundane World.


This reminds me of the CURRENTS we walk in. Sure, we can aspire to move up in life, however sometimes we have a GOAL in mind. And that goal simply does NOT MATCH where we want to be. So we employ the help of THE CURRENTS. The currents are a vibrational frequency, that is firstly challenging to understand because they are not something a normal person is exposed to. Normal people accept their reality, dream, and die with their dreams. Those who want to tear the fabric down of space and time, find ways to collapse and bend it to bring it into THEIR favour. I have done this for myself quite successfully and I have done this for clients whose work I have taken on. One cannot imagine to be at one level, and their desire to be at Level 12, means they jump all the 11 LEVELS. It is simply impossible. Even when you join the CURRENTS, you cannot jump those levels.


It takes MONEY investment and FUCKING FORTITUDE when you watch your life change in a terrifying sequential event. Even a normal person in a job, can join the currents, but it will take GUTS to follow through in the first place.


Most people, not only have issues with money, they have their issues with EXCUSES THAT LEAD TO A LACK OF PRIORITIES.


If you do not have 2 strong priorities at present, no matter whom you are reading this, things won’t get done. Plain and simple. It takes so much courage to want MORE for yourself, a richer, bolder, stronger, harder, and intense COFFEE FLAVOUR among the cafe macchiato bullshit that permeates everything you see. There are many, many, MANY, brands who can help you. Many. I will never doubt that.


Many people give really good self-help advice and guidance and many who are Entrepreneurial in nature, read it and perhaps — if ambitious enough, apply it. However, to move into the currents, there is always more than is demanded and required of you — and that investment is not easy, not cheap, and even if you HAVE the money, can completely DERAIL YOU. It is like sitting on a rollercoaster MINUS the seatbelt.


Few if, ANY, people who do my type of Premium Occult Work, speak about the currents. They may give you some tools and strategies, however they may not speak on the investment within one’s OWN SELF, it takes to make the jump. You have to be A-OKAY READY to sound the gun. And when you sound it, there is NO turning back. It is scary, I absolutely agree with this. Wealth Circuitry at a certain level, especially with the Occult Practice, won’t just bring you the money and perhaps the LUXE you desire. It will revamp you in a way that you are indispensable to anyone around you, as you take a road that few are aware of, even fewer have the courage to walk upon.


You do not ascend through building.


We leave that to other brands.


I help you elevate by taking the elevator DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, PAST THE BASEMENT, into the DESCENDING STAIRCASE OF ALL YOU CAN BE.


Discipline isn’t for everyone.


Then again, neither is greatness. 


If THE CURRENTS appeal to you and you are willing to invest in THE SELF, through a modicum of financial and emotional fortitude, I would love to explore how I can help you move Levels, through collapsing TIME itself. You are free to email me directly, here