The Darkness Series – Persistence of The Mind

The Darkness Series, is a series that is dedicated to look at the inner workings of one’s own self, and more so in acceptance OF OUR TRUE SELF, AWAY AND STRIPPED AWAY FROM SOCIETAL EXPECTATIONS.


Part of being an adult is accepting things we cannot change about life. 


In life, we are always going to come across things that is going to take every OUNCE of our persistence to get through it. When we think we have hit our capacity in a situation, we’re ONLY about at 40% (which sounds insane but true). I often speak about the Iron Ring Mentality, and it is a mentality that serves people well when the going gets tough, because it often does and will. You never really know what persistence of the Mind actually is, until you have to hold onto something or keep yourself stable in a situation that is eating you alive.


No where do I see this more, in overcoming ancestral challenges (things that have ran in your bloodline as a problem), as well as emotional and spiritual challenges. We spend a lot of our lives fixing things that have held us hostage and this is where the strength of the mind, lies. Yes, you WILL hit your breaking points where the energies have to shift and acclimate to something lower or higher. Atypically, if you’re on a path of genuine self-empowerment, things will begin moving upwards for you. That isn’t going to come simple or easy because it is going to take an understanding with your mind to process what is happening with your energy.


If you have been used to feeling one way ALL your life, tough times will hit you harder. The reason for this is because you have never really been challenged. Lack of challenge results in a weak constitution and this often results from a lack of GUIDANCE AND DISCIPLINE. Persistence of the mind comes from determination, and a determination to see your situation through no matter how tough it becomes. You will easily see who is cut out for something (especially if you provide disclaimers) when things become tough.


So how can you CREATE persistence of the mind?


Well, the answer is simple yet complex. The human mind is neuro plastic. Simply meaning we can hold a certain thought or vibration for a period of time, until we can manifest it. If you train your mind to persist, it is because you are teaching yourself something NEW all the time. At the present time, I am attempting to learn an interesting board game played in one part of the world. Interesting and strategic by nature, it tests and challenges me at a mental level, forcing me to consistently stay on my mind’s paws and toes 😀


When you can persistent with something new, it provides resilience to get on with other things in life.


Many people quit when the brain cannot grasp things quickly because in society, atypically people have been shamed by their caregivers (parents, teachers, religious figures) about being stupid or slow, if they haven’t got something the first time round. Ditto that up, if you come from an abusive family where everything is shamed, humiliated, belittled, judged, and, criticised. Learning is not a competition, and yet most treat it as much. Learning comes with compassion, patience, and, time — as your goal is to MASTER what you are learning and not just learning for the sake of it.


Some challenges are not malaise of the mind, so as much as the mind can stay a certain way, the disintegration happens at a quantum and Spiritual level. For this, to have the strength of mind to get THROUGH it and secondly, to understand what is happening each stage of the way. You will notice you are able to cope with things far better when someone has patiently explained/walked you through something instead of yelling at you, which will often dampen morale and make you feel like “what’s the point?”


Persistence can easily be created with determination and the WINNING mentality, a mentality that will allow ALL types of situations to bend to you. We have a dirty habit in this world to bend to situations and allow them to give us hell, whereas WE should giving THEM hell.


No matter how exhausted or broken you may feel inside, THERE IS HOPE.




Let’s help you into it.


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