The Darkness Series : You Create Your Own Reality + Self-Compassion

Creating your own reality, is super-extraordinary and magnetically powerful. 


Many people simply never change not because they may not find access to transform, however rather they choose not to. Their current default state SERVES them. There is a pay-off and a benefit to “staying the same”.


I will never forget the biggest longest 15 second argument with Belvia (AKA the INFAMOUS Beli), my spirit guide when I shouted at her that I had no choice but to create Spartanite, many years back. With her atypical “Beli face” (the sideeye look) that she is known for, she snapped at me saying “oh yes you did, you could have chosen to do absolutely nothing and stayed the same. But you’re changing!”


Let’s just say it was the longest 2 hours of my life not speaking with her because what she said, hit me like a freight train and she refused to speak with me until I GOT that I HAD a choice of being a miserable, resentful victim blaming everyone else. However, I didn’t and I chose to accept to change and heal into my happiness  🙂


I came to realise that I wanted to change so badly from where I was, I was willing to embark on the toughest decision of my life, the decision to pursue my destiny upon which my name has been inscribed. It is not easy or simple to step into your God job, the job The Almighty has laid out for you because it requires you to ignore man for the most part and put your total Faith into something you cannot even see.


This brings me to my point of creating Love in your life.


On the vibrational scale as most of us know, meeting people on the same vibration is super easy! This entire world runs on vibration. Like attracts like at a literal level. Many people think creating Love means reigniting a spark with their current partner OR finding someone to love them. Before that, it is about creating unconditional Love for YOURSELF AND OTHERS. That is not always simple LOL.


People mysteriously seem to piss us off in all ways, little and large — or do they?


Part of ensorcelling and scribing the darkness series, is LOOKING at YOUR OWN DARKNESS (which is not simple nor is it easy). 


At the higher end of the vibrational level is Love, Peace, Joy, Contentment etc. Now, we live in a world where it is super easy to hold onto your past and become a victim. As I have stated many times, living in the lower scales is what this world tries to trap you into. I remember one night wrapping up everything from my front room and going back into my bedroom, I heard people scream on the lawn outside from the development complex that was not in my block ; 2 men and one of their wives yelling like feral dogs talking about slapping each other.  The interesting part is that I live in an incredibly nice and safe area with some of the sweetest and most helpful neighbours. and where it came from, was beyond me.  Everyone was outside thinking “WTF is going on?”


When a person lacks peace and patience inside them, they will treat everyone else they way they treat themselves.


Violence, emotional, verbal, and, physical — has become a way of life for most. When they cannot resort to working things out, they become extremely self-righteous and hostile. If a person/bunch of people are Cluster B (abusive narcissists/sociopaths), just run. There is no need to engage, simply disappear if you can. In lacking of that peace, what you come to find is a person begins lacking in compassion for themselves and engaging in self-hatred.


One day, I was so exhausted, I slept in for as long as I wanted to. The day before, I had been exceptionally busy with some work and it takes a lot out of me. I had to speak with a client in the mid afternoon and knew my time limit to get up to look presentable. I only got up an hour before I was scheduled to speak with her and quickly showered, freshened up, and, had a nice bowl of cereal and fruit. I waited for ALL the negative judgement to pour through in my head about my own self…


“You’re lazy, Nadia. You’ve slept too long and who the hell only wakes up an hour before speaking with a client?! How can you run a business this way? No wonder you’re XYZABCD (all the horrible bullshit we tell ourselves as people”. 


I waited.


Waited a little bit more as I washed myself with lovely scented body wash.


No judgement.


I paused and thought…”wait, what the hell?”


I was expecting that terrible put me down voice, we ALL have inside our head.


And it hit me like a bag of potatoes and bricks.


“You show up for people brilliantly because you show up for YOURSELF. What time would you have to love people if you were so busy judging them all the time + you have the space to love and look after yourself (self-care) because you don’t judge yourself by the harshness this world is determined to stick on you…!”.


That shower was life changing for me because I realised that when you accept yourself inspite of whatever circumstances that happen in your life, it gives you the POWER to transform your reality because you do not become trapped in victimhood and the “should have done”. I had the most fun with my client when we spoke and both of us were laughing until our sides would have split.


To be in the moment, to be present, and to be there for yourself — is the best gift you can give yourself.


Let’s help you unwrap the gift of YOU.


The only gift that really matters 🙂


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