The Fall of Meritocratic Capitalism : The Destruction of Ethical Hardwork In Progress

We are living in predictable times, not strange ones.


The average person is a sleepwalking dead zombie. Condescending? Only to those who don’t know what is happening at present. That isn’t our problem. We have to continue.


The Cabal have found a PHENOMENAL in, an “in” defiantly and aptly named as “the Great Reset”, a reset that will simply change the face of this planet, at a permanent level.  When you do NOT know your rights, you will never notice them being taken away from you. As any thinking person is aware of, this whole situation they have fabricated and created, is for economic and financial destruction, both at an interpersonal and national level. This means that the drive and desire of those who wish to work hard and apply their own emotional and mental aptitute to create a life for themselves (admirable) will soon be outrun by those with the “give me” mentality.


Or lazy people who their situation is to be fixed by someone else, to be blunt and direct.


Capitalism is the HEART of every Entrepreneur, including myself. What most misinformed people have deduced is Capitalism is evil and should be annihilated because they mistake it for Crony Corporatism. Capitalism is how economies thrive and how money flows in. Minus that, you have no business owners who create companies; who create jobs, henceforth no financial flow anywhere. What has happening is that big conglomerates have taken the very seed of Capitalism and have turned it into a plague of greed, avarice, and, corruption. This isn’t surprising to any of us.


Hard working small business owners are being shut down due to “lockdown”, the real lockdown is making you broke, unemployed, fat, unhappy, depressed, and, suicidal. Consider that your flex of Winter 2020.


Anything outside Capitalism, is financial despair and frankly, abuse.


Socialism, whilst it may have it’s merits of equality, doesn’t understand the laws and rules of money energy itself, so there is NO such thing as a “fair society”. People who have brought in money and make healthy amounts of money, know this as Primal Law. Socialism asks for Class Privilege (although noble in mind), something that is next to impossible to happen because the very NATURE of money, demands a certain sense of opportunity. How do you expect someone who has grown up on welfare to have the same opportunities as someone whose father is/was a 7 figure earner? Class difference is the REAL division, not race; as they have led you to believe. The ironic part, is due to people’s HABITS and BEHAVIOURS around money, you can pick 20 people, give them £10,000 each and I can guarantee you that most will be DONE with it in a WEEK.




No education on finances, management, and the flow of money.


Is this their fault?


Not at all.


We live in a society that is cleverly designed and engineered to keep you struggling, broke, and, hating money.  When you hate something and yet covet it, in a double-bind narcissistic power-play, you can never acquire it.


Convenient, if you had asked me.


No money means no access to real resources, power, say, clout, upward mobility, and, dignity. Heavy price to pay.


Capitalism means you work for your own wealth. It means you contribute to the financial strata of the country, not to mention fill your own coffers and become a productive member of society. It rewards MERIT, the ability to use your laurels and talents to create income for yourself. Communism, is Socialism — but by force. At least Socialism has good interests in mind. Communism wants “equality” based on depriving people of what they have worked hard for. We are slowly creeping towards Communism. Social Media platforms are filled with individuals begging the state (you know how people beg their abusers & overlords, when they don’t know they are being abused — speaking with experience…) to give them an income, now that their jobs or businesses have been taken away. Talk about Mr Burns from the Simpsons smiling with a smile that would give the devil a run for his money.


(They did a good job of creating his character after Jacob Rothschild, who is probably laughing at all the humans as enslaved “Goyim” cattle, as we speak…)


Freedom comes from mobility of your finances. As time goes on, people will salivate and foam at the mouth for Communism, and it will be disguised under Socialism. Private Land, property etc will all be slowly infringed upon, such as here in the UK, it is virtually impossible to secure Allodial Land for oneself, as everything “belongs to the crown”. Many people are simply unaware of what is LAWFUL and mistake the law of today, as real law. Which it isn’t and it is upto you to find out whom you really are on this planet.


Who said we ever escaped Serfdom and a Neo-Feudalistic nation? I suppose it just looks shiner with your iPhone 15 (or was it 25? Who knows, who cares…?) and your 3rd season of some pointless mind control drama on Netflix to keep the monkey mind busy.


Now more than ever, learn about the rules and laws of money — and commit yourself to transform your paradigm to secure yourself and your family.