The Feminine Descent Into The Underworld Fire With Goddess Innana

Goddess Innana (may she be blessed richly), has always mentored and shared with me, some very wise wisdom over the years of having a tutelage and protege relationship with her.

At 20, I summoned her aptly with her Fire Oil and a sigil written in tongues as I descended into trance, in a spare bedroom of a gorgeous house I once lived in. Goddess Innana showed up and I felt a bit unprepared wearing a simple pair of sweatpants, I felt her presence demanded a little more pomp and flair from myself. I have learned well over the years though.

Between that 20th year and now, Innana has blessed me with a very rich insight into the Feminine Underworld and what it is to walk through the dark night of the soul alone. She showed me a vision at a very busy train station in London (Euston Square) and the steps were filled with boiling hot magma and lava, puckering in their explosive heat. I remember crying and saying, “If I make it, I will be lucky”. She said I was required to walk through the lava to the other side. Most of my 20’s have required me to do so. The pain was intense and nothing could have inoculated me from it. NOTHING AND NO ONE.

To discover your true Divine Dark Feminine Self, in a world FILLED with greedy, selfish, disgusting and nasty people—is a task.

A task, that you as a woman, are not able to undertake IF you do not have your own Fire based underworld first. Your awakening will come, strong, heady and it will feel like a 10000 foot mountain crashed into you. It will rip and tear all your nuances, beliefs and customs apart. It will make you question the very fabric of who you are, and what you are destined to become.

So how can you prepare for this Underworld Fire ?

Well, firstly—know that barely anyone will see how much emotional pain you are in. Emotional pain is easily hidden, and sometimes, thankfully at that. Not everyone needs to be aware of what you are experiencing, especially if the lessons are simply for Self. This is imperative to know and sit with, at a deeper level.

Secondly, make SPACE for that emotional pain. Hopefully, you have an understanding man who GETS you need that deep space alone (he may even leave your life out of respect and rekindle months or years later, or simply work with your patterns), if you are single—it is sometimes much easier to do your work, without someone present as I personally had to. Goddess Innana always told me that the polar opposite of Fire, is Ice —and speaking of her time in Sumeria (Modern Day Iraq/Kurdistan), with very harsh Iraqi winters, she said that sometimes your emotions will be so severe, you will need to freeze them to thaw out at a later date.

Third, ANYONE who isn’t an energetic and psychic fit for you, must be eliminated. There is no two ways about this. She said something interesting about “the poison itself, is medicine”. She mentioned that snake venom is used in cosmetics at large, and stated that sometimes the poison to something, is also the anti-dote of it. I didn’t quite understand this blissful piece of wisdom, until I was bathed in a lake of fire and dried myself of it, only to realise—I am now made of Fire, in the way only a human being can be.

Goddess Innana, being the Goddess of Love, Sex and Fertility (typical feminine realms, if anything), has always implored me to counsel women on Feminine teachings, a sadly lost dying art that it seems only Priestess women, can hold onto–any longer.

The Underworld Fire, is known as the Dark Soul of the Night, and yes, it does end. It really does. I have personally experienced it, as have countless other Spartanites, and the quiet turbulence that you have endured, is all worth it.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below <3