The Nature Of Money — Guest Post Submission by Carla

This is a guest post submission from Spartanite Carla, based in Canada. I am honoured to share her work on the Spartanite platform. I trust you will enjoy her musings on generating money <3

“Greetings Spartanites!

I hope you all are doing well and learning from all the jewels Nadia has given us. Nadia is the best! I have some ideas I would also like to share with the tribe regarding my previous article.

I was speaking to my friend yesterday about my favorite subject abundance, and I shared a new concept with her. I introduced her to the ELEMENTAL qualities of money–spirit, fire, air, water, and earth.

More specifically, I began to talk about the aquatic nature of money. Notice the terms that are money related that are also connected to the water—bank, cash flowstreams of revenue, and currency.

With this exploration of the aquatic nature of money, let’s go a bit further. How do some people have money and others have tons?

Imagine if there was a water well in your neighborhood. In this example water is now money. Now if you look around and notice someone is rich in your community, observe their behavior at the well. A rich person has 400 containers. They go to the well and put water (money) in many different vases and jugs. These vases and jugs represent the ways they do business—podcasts, real estate, investments, etc. Now some people just have their job as one means of income, so they have one vase. Others have no container at all, and they suffer from poverty.

Money, again has an aquatic nature, so it requires a container. So if someone has MORE money, it’s because they have MORE containers. A container could be proofreading papers, braiding hair, babysitting, etc.

Let’s explore a pop culture example—Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian generates revenue from her mobile apps, clothing line, fragrance line, her Kimojis, Kimoji merchandise, books, photos (she has a contract with the paparazzi to receive a portion of revenue anytime her photos are published in tabloids), personal appearances, her television show, and sponsorships. I am sure she has more containers than the ones I listed, but that gives you a sense of how Kim understands this principle. She has many different ways she can collect money. Money can come when you have somewhere to hold it.

Understanding the nature of money is critical. Each elemental aspect of money teaches us something different.

The lesson of the aquatic nature of money teaches us if someone has more money it is because they have more containers to hold the money.

If you want more money, create more containers.

Now — one may wonder “What’s my container? How could I create a way to earn money?”

It is possible for YOU (yes YOU) to earn money multiple ways. But first, we have to find your hidden treasures. Everyone has a hidden treasure.

I have a client from my spiritual coaching business who is a recently divorced mother. She confided in me that after buying everything for her child, she did not have enough money to buy enough groceries to have food for herself.

I asked her about a simple question that revealed where her hidden treasures laid.

“In a given month, what favors do people ask you to do?”

She answered:

1. People ask me to proofread their papers. (She’s an awesome writer)
2. People ask me to do their hair. (She’s great at styling hair)
3. People ask me to babysit their kids.

I told her, “You have 3 additional ways of earning money outside of your job. These are skills you are confident in, and you deserve compensation for the quality of work you provide and your time. How dare you give quality of service and time for free?! You abandon your responsibility as a mother to protect yourself and your child. You must demand to be compensated!”

She agreed with me, but she was hesitant to charge people for her services.

Through coaching I taught her techniques and tips, and she began to learn and as a result implement necessary changes. Now she is able to earn money using her hidden treasures.

Now, to YOU, the most important person in this conversation…

In a given week, what do people ask from you?

Is it advice?
Is it a service you provide?
Weight loss information?

Take some time and observe. If you are without money, you may be blocking it by not acknowledging your hidden treasures. So open your eyes and observe what people want or need from you. It could lead you to new riches.

I love you, and I wish you the best.

Your fellow Spartanite,



Carla, is a devoted wife and a script writer. A passionate cook, she splits her time between Louisiana, USA and Good Ol’ Canada. You can discover more and connect personally with Carla, right here