The “One Hoof Hustle” Strategy To Build A Solid Business

In my Inbox this morning, I found an e-mail from an old mentor of mine. There were 5 subsequent e-mails wrapped up, and as I read them–I realised how MUCH My Spiritual Court has assisted me to build my life and Spartanite. In being able to do so, I help people like yourself—who regularly visit my blog and educate yourself (thanks for that!)

In saying that, I had a discussion with a friend on the ONE HOOF HUSTLE — Strategy. I promise it’s better than it sounds! 😉

As an Aquarian (if you have been following my work for a while now), I typically come out with weird, zany and off-beat ways to explain and elaborate on situations, the One Hoof Hustle, is no different. One Hoof actually stems from my Capricorn Stellium which makes me do business in a very (shall we say..) Capricorn way.

So what does this mean for ME, Nadia?

Well — it’s simple. Capricorn is last of the Earth signs. Pragmatic, Practical and Persistent, it is represented by the Mountain Goat and it’s cute little–hooves. What amazes me personally about these hooves, is that they have little sucker pads ensuring the goat does not fall off the cliffs that it hops up and climbs. Seeing as Capricorn energy knows the IMPORTANCE of building things, as proper foundations take their time, and must be built effectively to last the test of time.

The One Hoof Hustle means your business is not a race, it is NOT a finish line and you do NOT have to do what “everyone” else is doing. Do your business, YOUR way. People of today just want to race and rush through things, so they can show other people that they have “made it” — but really, at what COST?

As Capricorn energy ages gracefully and with time, one can often see it as a fine wine. It matures slowly, gracefully and beautifully—all whilst possessing elegance and class. Building solid businesses are life long endeavours. You’re building a structure that is supposed to last you a lifetime, and you would not think of selling a car in a showroom to someone who is going to drive it off and half the parts break down, down the road.

As you discover your astrological chart, you will find how YOU specifically need to do business. It is a blessing to have assisted clients to find who and what their true signature essence is, and build a business around that 🙂 In my upcoming MONEY programme—FEARLESS MONEY MANIFESTATION WITH DARK GODDESS — I teach you how to use this very energy to consistently get ahead.

If you would like to me read your chart — you can head on over to the Spartanite Store and purchase an Astrological birth chart with explanations + a reading or alternatively use the contact form and reach out to me personally to set it up for you!

I would love to hear your comments in the section below <3