The “Running Your Mouth” Syndrome + SILENCE

In life, most people don’t prosper and progress because they suffer from verbal diarrhea, plain and simple. Mainly most women, I know.


True success, originates from silence. Most people do not know how to be silent. Wisdom of the gods would lend an individual to understand and believe that achievement and progress is made in the dark and through concealment. Concealment does not mean that you’re a lying cheat of a snake. It is wise to know that where a person may be trustworthy in handling your money, he may cheat with your wife. A person who is loyal in your friendship, may not have any value aside loyalty to add. It’s the demand and FULFILLMENT game that most do not understand.


I had a long conversation with an old male friend of mine who said to me “there is nothing there to trust in an average woman, because average women run their mouth about everything and honestly, this is the very reason most men think most women are stupid.” Sadly enough, I saw his point and I could relate to it a lot. This “running your mouth” syndrome, is very common in GROUPS of women. Most women move in packs because there is safety in numbers which is the anti-thesis to TRUE Spartanite Living.


Many a Spartanite is a lone wolf, and doesn’t care for the coddling of the masses. Herd mentality women bitch about each other and then pretend everything is okay on the surface. They are the first ones with “running your mouth” syndrome, because they are empty tins. 


Silence is an OCCULT characteristic to have. Occult in the general fashion and terms, means hidden. When someone can go on your social media “time-lines” or your pay to play, public view life and discover more about you, you’re in grave danger. Most people share (again throw up) all their nonsense inside because they haven’t yet met a predator who has taken ADVANTAGE of their information. Fortunate for me and the rare few women who are a SPARTANITE (but hide — we always hide), we know that predators are always on the look out to see what they can grab from you. Predators don’t typically ever bother or approach Spartanite type women, because they are never sure how the dice will be rolled and what fate they will be doled out, to. After dealing with predators, it is wise to operate on a Modus Operandi of SILENCE and only state what needs to be stated.


This world isn’t based on love and light, sunshine, rainbows and puppies. I am a Pluto in 7th House speaking on this, so forgive me if my experience is chequered and laced with extremely evil people from my past, however the plain OCCULT truth, is that most people’s intentions are far from Kosher. Modern Man is exceptionally selfish, arrogant, vain and greedy, only thinks for himself and only wants to advance himself further. When people run their mouth, it is coming from a place of naivety and immaturity. In the age of social media, all the fools and idiots have come out to play and you can easily use this to your advantage to spot an idiot from a mile away, based on whatever they share.


This is the reason the elite have taken advantage of the dumb masses, the masses who don’t even know what is happening in BROAD DAYLIGHT.


Better to be safe, than very extremely sorry.