The Secret Ingredient To Cultivate A Winning Aura

Disclaimer : As a woman, who has dedicated her whole entire existence as her life purpose, to Humanity — it is my job to EMPOWER and EMBOLDEN others to rise and fight the ASTRAL sickness on this planet. This was a pact I made with God, The Most Highest in 2015, and I am liable to uphold it through my Divine Spiritual court, irrespective of personal commitments (be it when I meet the right man to marry and start a family with) as well as anything else I am called to, in the Mundane. As a Guardian of the TRUTH, I am a voidwalker and have humanity’s best interests–which makes my path, a challenging one.

With that out of the way —

The secret to creating a winning aura, is studying powerful enemies.

That may be such a downer, for those who were expecting me to come out with some elaborate explanation.

Most people can teach you a winning aura, but there is a price you will NOT want to pay. I PROMISE YOU THIS. I am not allowed to share that price (financial, or otherwise) on a public platform. I encourage women looking for that winning aura, to first recognise they are not in their power at present. They are allowing life to bully and push them around, as I once did–until I was paid a visit by those in my ancestral and Spiritual courts, a strong warning—that I had a specific JOB on this planet, and that was one of EMPOWERMENT. Creating a winning aura means that you must understand what POWER IS, and how it has been taken away from you ALL YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, to make you a mind controlled hapless puppet. If you are reading this, and think you are not a puppet, PRAY TELL—you would be the first one on it.

I want you to know, that you can easily create a winning aura, based on your FREQUENCY. Part of the work I do with my Spartanites, is getting them to vibrate faster at a PLANAR level, something I came across when I was around 21, through SHEER happenstance. There are simply, loving and effective ways to do this–I even encourage all the MEN who personally know me, to do this–with very tangible and blissful results. Combining frequency upgrades as well as studying enemies, you will achieve RESPONSIBLE heights of power that you never knew existed.

Firstly, I do not advocate the power that Cluster B people (Narcs, Socios etc) have, because it is power used for WRONG reasons. I will not tolerate others banefully hurting and harming others, sneakily manipulating things and belittling and humiliating for personal gain. I freeze that energy out of my life, and I ensure for those I take under my wing, I do the same for them.

Once you study a powerful enemy, you STOP thinking in BINARIES. You stop thinking about good and bad, you remove yourself emotionally and study so you can EMPOWER yourself. Most people will not be able to sit with this long enough, because their monkey mind has an “opinion” on everything. As a Spartanite, as you stay POWERFUL within your feminine energy–remember that there is a very real war going on, on the planet and in the outer realms where time, does not exist. You have to protect yourself on all levels. Your life, your man (if you have one), your business, everything needs strong protection.

Cultivating a winning aura, means you need to learn WHERE you give your OWN POWER away, how you teach people how to treat you, and how you change your OWN behaviour, thoughtforms and “binary” thinking, to be super expansive and inclusive. There are some people I have personally studied who want nothing but destruction for HUMANITY at large and the planet, and I had to study them to KNOW thy enemy, to free other people oppressed by the mess.

Winning auras, ensure that you’re powerful, magnetic and the right opportunities come towards you.

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