The Solar Plexus “Net” – Healing Your Leaky Boundaries For Fearless Self Respect

“You want to say no however your body keeps betraying you. You’re going to have to try something radical, something different, something otherworldly to stand up for yourself. That’s where I come in” – Me, NADIA ARAIN, The Spartanite.

I have journeyed down into the light of the underworld and discovered a cavern of beauty amidst all the darkness that keeps human beings plagued with the lack of necessary self-respect and healthy boundaries. That journey has been exciting to discover and much to report on, on Sparty Blog. The blog is a discovery of my own experiences on the human condition and clearing ultimate levels of emotional wreckage – a type that MOST people on this planet face. That wreckage alone, does not allow them to live a life whereby they are in control of themselves. So of course, without much further explanation – many venture into unhealthy, toxic, distorted, and, sick behaviours to function. This blog post is going to address a lot of that.

The Solar Plexus Chakra sits RIGHT ontop of your abdomen/gut/belly area. It is the seat of ultimate personal ownership and pride that is often damaged through traumatic incidents ranging from neglect, violence, to extreme distortion of what life is meant to be, as.

Each person (including myself) looks at life from a specific “lens” and that lens deduces how you show up. As the lens clears and you feel inspired to clean up your life (cleaning up meaning upgrade), you see all the ways you were going wrong in the first place.

The Solar Plexus has a type of “net” attached to it. I remember being mentored on this years back and I was astounded to see how so much in our gut functions as the second brain and can easily be damaged. SP is the ONLY chakra that has this cute little net and the net has holes (like any net does). The tighter the holes in the net, the harder it is for people to control, manipulate, and, trick you, no matter what they try. The more porous the holes and bigger they are at an energetic level, the harder you feel it is for you to STAY in control of yourself and you feel “ragged around” and easily controlled + freaked out by things. A lot of my self esteem ritual work, is based on tightening that net up by eliminating all things that have traumatised you at a psychological and auric level – so that you’re able to discern from a balanced, clear mind.

Having unhealed boundaries, it usually ends up at a place of demanding the other changes their behaviour to suit you. As you begin healing them, it becomes exceptionally clear what you will and won’t tolerate – firstly in yourself, and, of course – in others.

When you have leaky boundaries, it’s exceptionally easy to take advantage of you.

If a person respects you, and even if your boundaries aren’t all there yet – they still will not take advantage. Why? Because they are in integrity with themselves and their own boundaries do not allow them to jump the gun, so to speak.

Ironically (or not, rather), the gut carries the most amount of issues that do not need to be resolved medically. When you’re having autoimmune conditions, celiac, IBS, Crohns etc – it is a MASSIVE signal that energetic healing is required that area as the holes of the Solar Plexus are completely damaged. As it begins to heal up and your gut becomes more balanced – you will begin to feel your boundaries getting tighter as well.

Whenever I have performed Glowing Self Love on someone – one of the interesting remarks I have always received is a person finally taking time out to value themselves. If we – as children- were not taught boundaries, self respect, and, honoured as valuable and special (honestly speaking, not a lot of people are), the trauma of low esteem and anxiety carries on at a generational level. Myself personally, when I kept tightening my net – I came to realise very few things were triggering or bothering me as the fog in the brain was clearing (connected directly to your gut) and i imagined a helpful strategy that I often share.

Think of a large steel beam...

You’ve now swallowed the entire beam right down into your stomach and that steel beam is going to teach you to have a spine (boundaries). You’re noticing you sit up straighter with it, your shoulders are poised and any time you breathe in, your belly sucks in to lightly touch the steel beam. As soon as it touches the steel beam, it means you’re going to “overgive”. The mental sensation trains you to allow people to look after themselves and if you have a habit of “jumping in to fix the situation” – you train yourself to breathe around that steel beam.

One of the biggest things a person can do in any matter of life, is work on their boundaries. This is especially important for those who come from neglectful, dismissive, absent, abusive, and, violent families where there was no sense of love, kindness, care, or, respect. Where you were never wanted, valued, or, seen as important.

Remember you cannot change what you come from however you can damn well change what comes from you!

The tighter your net in your solar plexus, the more chances you have to shift away from people at a lower vibrational level who have not done (and frankly, refuse to) the emotional work of being self-aware of how they show up and how it makes people react around them.

When you have healthy boundaries, it eliminates people who will not contribute to your life in the way that you require and desire people to show up for you. It is not about issuing ultimatums, threats or anything of the sort. It means you stay within your “marking” (boundary) and the person is free to continue their bad behaviour. It means YOU will not tolerate the behaviour in your life, and choose to walk away from it. It is certainly not as simple as I scribe it to be, however over time – doing that inner work allows it to be extremely simple.

Many people have often asked me when you have healthy boundaries, do you still scream and shout? And the answer is a resounding yes, under conditions – of course.

Having healthy boundaries doesn’t make you some perfect saint. Someone can violate your core principled understanding so far, that in the moment (especially if you are primal) – the only way to get that message across is (and what would be considered, as) “verbal violence”. Verbal violence is necessary for maintaining strong boundaries as it is an option used sparingly – however when it’s used, the other person shouldn’t have known what hit them. It is the equivalent of a sucker punch in the face that comes from no where. A large part of boundaries is people at an energetic level understanding that there are huge penalties for violating you – and most people will step away from that because they know they will not be able to have power and control over you.

As you choose a path to heal and have inner peace, you must also understand the nature of people – how society has trained them to behave and what psychological triggers influence, shape, and, evoke people to react a certain way to certain things. It is imperative to tighten the net, as it when you are not prey, predatory individuals will find you exceptionally disinteresting – as there is nothing to control and manipulate. That does not mean they still won’t try it with you, it simply means it is relatively easy to shift them out of your boundaries.

Glowing Self Love

You don’t need an excuse to treat yourself and feel special.

Loving yourself requires confidence. Confidence that makes you more attractive to others around you.

This ritual will boost it and shed all your rigid boundaries, mentalities and insecurities away, making you more engaging, energetic, charming and cheeky.

A wonderful ritual to magnetise people or your partner towards you simply by raising your love vibration for self love.

You owe it to yourself. It’s time to celebrate you.

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