The Spartanite Herself and Healing POWER ANOREXIA

This is a post, I have wanted to write for a very long time. 

A post that isn’t designed or geared to any woman, who isn’t a Spartanite, or a Spartanite in hiding. Years ago, I read a book that was a salve in the deepest of my heart, knowing I am indeed a DIFFERENT woman to most women, and collating a global brand for US — women of true, unapologetic power. I still hold that book close to my heart and read it from time to time, to comfort me on low days.

Power Anorexia, has nothing to do with eating disorders, although that can be encompassed with it as well. This mainly looks at women who choose to starve themselves of wielding penetrating, terrifying, and destructive power—because some loser or idiot around you said that it was “too much” or to “tone it down”. I heard those two phrases ALL MY ENTIRE LIFE, as has every other Spartanite, Most women are comfortable in a place of weak destructive, LEARNED helplessness. Always a victim. Always crying over some useless boyfriend. Always whining about something.

Every Spartanite has been reduced to tears by those who drain and destroy us, for their OWN selfish benefit. People enjoy draining Spartanites, so we cannot simply get on with our lives. Power Anorexia, can be found in most Non-Spartanite, women so afraid of their own shadow, that they are even terrified to breathe. Achieving true POWER, is what separates a Spartanite from the herd pack. Spartanites are never influenced by TV shows, magazines, so on and so forth. They simply smile and go ahead and do what THEY want to do. Healing this age old anorexia that women seem to have, cannot come fast enough. One does not need to be masculine or aggressive, to take down the enemy. Enemies are everywhere and the stronger a Sparty you are, the more they pop out of the woodworks, armed and READY to destroy you.

If you’re a Spartanite MAN, reading this — my dear man, power is more accessible to you, than it is to us, as women. It is more welcomed as a man in your realm. Nonetheless, you will also have unsavoury men who hate the fact you are Successful in all arenas, Women, Wealth, and Winning. Such is life, and a lot of men themselves are Power Anorexic as well. Good. I salute you.


Stop being so polite, timid, and shy. EAT, FUCK, LIVE. Be bold, for this incarnation is something you only receive once.

Do not play by other people’s rules, nor should One care for them. If you wish to win at life, make sure you design YOUR RULES and make the world bend to them. All canny and sovereign Spartanites, light a torch to experience true, unapologetic SEXUAL and FINANCIAL power. Strong women are a lifeblood. We are the magnets to strong men who are comfortable enough and most importantly MAN enough, to realise true yokedness and equality to ensure proper bonding and building together.

These men create a level playing field of true MASTERY within Self, as they know Spartanite women of all walks of life, are the very foundation of a peaceful, grateful existance in life.

Is it any wonder Spartanites are both feared, misunderstood — as well as envied by others?

Many Spartanite MEN know our value. As do other Spartanites.


One cannot be Life Orgasmic and Power Anorexic, in the same sentence.

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