The Sparty 3 Step Manifestation Rule to Call in Love & Money



There are a million, billion articles on “Manifestation” and how to make something show up in your life.


Recently, this January, seeing as we aren’t even in to the first 10 days of it, I had a long talk with a guy who has given me his valuable input into my life and Spartanite, itself. He has mentored me for many years and I found much wisdom in what he has said. So much so, I have screenshots and books overflowing with his notes. He is also an Entrepreneur and Occultist like myself and today, I want to discuss what him and I spoke about a while back. I feel it will be beneficial to the readers of this blog.


Everyone wants to seem to rush everything in today’s age. I read on someone’s website about a week back that “don’t hire me if you like doing things in increments and I get you results fast”. I thought “what an ignorant thing to say”. So far, people think doing things in increments is slow and boring. Now, I really don’t know about anyone else, but moving one hoof up the mountain cliffs (my Capricorn Stellium talking here, can ya dig?), is the BEST way to go.




You don’t overwhelm yourself.


SURE, people come to me and say “Nadia, I want to make 100K in one month, or 1M or even a manageable 10K”.


That is all fine and dandy. The REAL problem comes when someone is trying to run before they can walk. Cleverly, King Clauneck, has often pointed out to me that people want big money to avoid money, and he’s said this OVER and OVER again. Must be LHP humour lol. But the old gods really do know their shit, and know it so well ;that when you implement it, your life changes. I knew a girl who was ADAMANT she would make 25K a month, then a week, then a day. I said “Love, have you even realistically made it within 6 months and I am not being rude when I say this…”.


Make your goals realistic and do your best to open your energy fields, which leads me to this 3 step formula I want to share with you.


  1. Get REAL clear on what it is you want. Take as much time as you need. You don’t have to have every detail but a few pointers are always handy. Make them realistic, a tad bit uncomfortable (otherwise, how are you going to grow lol?!) and sit with it.


        2. Dedicate time to clearing your energetic fields to receive what it is you want. Aura cleanses, heart wall clearings, ritualistic work, money container clearings (if you’re  interested in any — just click this link to contact me directly about them). All of them are removing the energy distortions from your fields and allowing the doors to open up for you. It’s really incredible how blocked energy can be and how it holds us back. In the energy clearings, also read new books, audio classes, stuff to educate yourself. Implement this knowledge for Step 3.


        3. Allow things to show up NATURALLY and please stop digging the seed up from the garden and then shouting “WHY HASN’T THIS PLANT GROWN ALREADY?”. Let things come organically and in their own time. 


Now this formula may sound, shall we say, simple (it really is), but step 2 is the cruncher. As humans, we have SO MANY resistances to letting in, what we THINK we want in, because it doesn’t feel SAFE. The human brain is wired for survival and not to thrive. The energy work clears your fields and emotions at a quantum level, so then you’re free to work in your own pace and allow things to come at their own time.


This formula works, because I have used it without realising, and it brought me things I wanted without the HUSTLE that people keep talking about. Hustle is a very good skill to have, however — it traps your body in (what I call), Cortisol mode. And when you’re there — it creates inflammation and disease in the body. You do not have to work “so damn hard” for everything. Working hard is a good trait, but combine it with energy work for the heavy lifting!


Do it the elegant, graceful, and smart way. Stop pushing for things.


Just learn to receive them. 


If you’re looking for help to cement the 3 step formula, I can help you do it. Click here to contact me directly, for assistance. 


For SERIOUS mentoring inquiries, spiritual/business consultations, writing projects and custom ritualistic work, feel free to reach out to me for assistance.