The Sun, Jupiter + Your Money Making Solar Plexus

As the summer has come to a close here in London, watching the rain pour down and knowing that Autumn has brought it’s chill through the Autumn Equinox, the descent into Winter –made me think of Solar and Jupiterian energy. In all my enchanted bracelets, that can be found on our Store by clicking here, I use very strong planetary energy to embed the vibrational codes to create desired results.

In saying that, when we choose to use the codes of The Sun, and Jupiter themselves — this lends for a very powerful money vibration, that people feel around an individual when they get around them. I attended an event a short while back, spoke at it, and I described in very candid terms, that I do not use Facebook as a deeply personal choice for any personal life affiliations neither for Spartanite, as a brand. I can only describe the looks as bewildered, bizarre, canny, and questioning.

Who on EARTH wouldn’t use Facebook , when they have a business?

Where ELSE could you possibly “get clients from”? 

What was fascinating to me, as I sat at the table, is that women with flourishing Facebook pages, were struggling to “get clients” or to have people know them more and here I was, a Facebook ghost, and one asked me “just how do you do it?”. There was a sense of deep confusion and envy, as to HOW I could thrive in Business, and not have this “page” that was this necessary evil. Just to boot, we don’t use PayPal either unless it is connected to a 3rd party platform.

The SUN and JUPITER, provide fierce Masculine money making energy, and unleashes one of the MOST powerful energies of money making, dominance, and wealth upon a person.

I design Jupiter’s Money Pyramids as a vehicle to put you in the right places, and open up the hidden vaults of money that people often miss. I designed one for myself last month, and I sat infront of it during a meditation. In my mind’s eye, I was shown myself walking through the confused old streets of the City of London, with phone in hand, trying to find a venue. I saw myself wearing black and I was feeling the deep questionable Occult energy from the catacombs of this place — a place that is steeped with excess avalanches of money but has been perverted and destroyed because people are mired in avarice, greed, and misery. I am not referring to the restaurant, I am referring to the City. Hesitant as I was, I found a nice event and showed up. I did not expect anything to come out of it, but I left feeling quite emboldened and happy, walking back to the station.

Minus the Pyramid, I would have probably seen the event and honestly not gone. I would have had no incentive to show up to something that will benefit me, tremendously. The Pyramid showed me where I needed to be “present” at next, and I followed it’s lead. As I was sitting in the meditation, I felt Belvia take a needle and stitch up my solar plexus “net”. Part of the Money Pyramid, is actually “stitching up your net” to hold onto money. People who struggle with money, have a tattered solar plexus, in other words, the holes are too big in the net and money just flows back out. And they are caught in a never ending cycle of debt, misery, and hopelessness. Carved with sigils and Arabian Magick, it lines with planetary energy and kind, but powerful Spirits that simply push you to move into the right direction. If you are desiring to work with Planetary energy, Solar and Jupiterian energy is where your money is at.

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