The Triad Of Empowerment — Boldness, Confidence, &, Esteem

We are living in times where everyone is teaching about “empowerment”, and yet in the same sentence, POWER itself — as a concept, is seen as distasteful. People see power as something unholy or evil. 


This couldn’t be further from the TRUTH.


Power will keep you safe, it will make you stand up for all things JUST AND RIGHTEOUS, it will give you a shield to be noticed and noticed quickly and you will finally feel proud of your own self! 🙂



When you feel empowered around a situation, you feel confident and in your power.  You’re happy, thriving, and, the FEELING — is HIGH VIBRATION. When you feel disempowered, you feel small, ashamed, and, unworthy — and the spiral only seems to get lower and worse. It takes guts to step forward for a life that is ONLY in your possession, because you dared to step forward. Most never dare, hence they watch life go by as they sit on the sidelines.


Many people think their problem is around a “topic”. This can be your finances, your sexuality, your love life, your health etc. However, it ALL comes down to the SAME thing. The same real problem that at the core, will keep eating away at you, till you address it.


Boldness, Confidence, Esteem. 


The Triad of EMPOWERMENT is based on these THREE factors, and these 3 only. A solid base of each, lends for a stable steel slat core of empowerment, inside you.  Let’s explore each 🙂


Esteem is how you VALUE and RANK yourself worthy to receive nice and deserving things in your life. A spouse/partner, large amounts of money, healthy delicious food, loving affection, loyal friends etc etc — I can really go on and on here lol. It is also the STORY you give yourself based on other people’s behaviour. Esteem issues are the NUMBER ONE REASON people do not achieve their potential — the lack of worthiness of your own SELF, goes deep at a cellular level. No amount of “mindset” work, can change this.


Confidence is your ability to SHOW UP with your head held high in a situation due to your experience, skill, abilities, and, capacity. Best foot forward for a date, talking to a client, a job interview, general day to day interactions — many people lack self-confidence which they mistake for esteem. Sure, esteem ties into this — however confidence is all about the strut and pep in your step to get your desired outcome. Confidence is the absence of visible nervousness in situations where it is evident someone would be. It is the healthy manner of carrying yourself.


Boldness, is the COURAGE to approach a situation without hesitation or fear of consequence, despite the OUTCOME. Seen as an Occult force within itself, boldness calls a spade a spade, slaps the bully for even thinking of taking his lunch, demands to be seen, and atypically walks with the truth. Boldness can only be leveraged when you’re unafraid to speak the TRUTH. It is the willingness to take RISK and be innovative, irrespective of what comes next. Boldness will say loudly and proudly in a room — what everyone thinks, but fears to say. The TRUTH, is always bold.


The quality of your life, originates from these THREE factors, and these 3 ONLY. Where there is a lack of them, things like anxiety, depression, low mood, self-doubt, and self-sabotage come up.  Our own emotions can hold us back because instead of choosing to build each of these tenets up slowly, people use contempt, conceit, nastiness, and arrogance to compensate for a true lack of worth inside.


Isn’t it time you stepped up and claimed ALL that you have dreamed for yourself?


You are deserving of it.


Destinies are created by those who are courageous enough to believe. 


People may have given up on you, in many areas, in all aspects…but the real question is…


Did you give up on yourself?


A new beginning. A new you. 


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