Trusting After Trauma. How Raw Can It Get?

Trauma, is one of those challenging things that really turns a person’s life, upside down. I am not speaking about challenging situations here. I am talking about clean cut raw trauma. Situations like neglect, abuse, rape, murder, isolation, abandonment etc etc, over a period of time.

As a trauma survivor and thriver myself, re-learning true compassion for others meant that I started with myself. It meant I had to heal ALL of my pain that was inside myself, no holds barred. I am making this post in Sun and Jupiter Scorpio seasons (ironically the Sun and Jupiter also control your wealth and it’s spheres, so it is without any surprise trauma blocks cashflow). With that said, we must ask the challenging question…

“How can I learn to trust someone after trauma?”

“How can I learn to trust someone after years of pain, torture and abandonment?”

“What is it about MYSELF that FORCES people out of MY orbit — where am I going wrong?”

Here comes the real clincher.

The longer you stay with/around abusive people who have Cluster B personality traits (Narcissism, Sociopathy and Psychopathy), the more you take on THEIR traits, to cope. Which means around healthy people, your learned behaviour is ABUSIVE and you NEED TO GO. I remember a friend asking me this a while back, and it really hit her when I had to explain why people kept leaving. Being around Sociopaths so much, had made her take on their personality, meaning to a normal person, she looked like a psycho and they just cut her off. It was a powerful revelation. It was just that because it becomes a CYCLE that if unhampered, will completely destroy someone.

So how do we get to trust after trauma?

Well, we don’t. In a nutshell.

Trauma clams you the fuck up. You don’t want anything to do with anyone, you cannot be bothered. So it needs to be done in baby steps. Even sharing something tiny that you’re feeling scared to someone, can seem like the world is ending. However, I recommend you do it. It will start to re-open up the neural pathways to allow people in again. And that is scary as hell. But it is a part of human life and has to be done. Personally, as I rebuild my life from extreme neglect, emotional abuse and trauma, I really had to use my psychic gift as a screening agent to see if someone was even worth my time. Sometimes I was scared I would get it wrong. And somedays, I did.

However, Spartanite—your psychic ability, is a muscle. The more you use it, the sharper and more powerful it becomes. Over time, I started to magnetize some really solid emotionally balanced people around me. We were ALL working through our issues, hence we were CONSCIOUS about intergenerational traumatic patterns, worldly trauma, and collective consciousness PTSD that EVERYONE has. Trusting after Trauma, is hard. I speak that with experience, however it can be done.

Here are 3 quick tips 🙂

1. Professional help is the best. Therapy, counselling, mentorship. Opening up to ONE person in a safe place about who you are and rediscovering a new identity, means you can replicate the model!

2. Read books that support you. One of my favs is The Black Swan. I cried a lot when I read it initially, but it helped me heal in places that still felt, raw, painful and wounded.

3. High Vibrational Jewellery. For myself and for many other Spartanites, this was a fast, rapid way to purge out layers of deep seated negative self worth patterns and trauma that something deep like Hypnotherapy wasn’t helping with either. You can access it, here

Remember, healing trauma won’t come overnight. Be patient with yourself. Love yourself. And do not accept Trash in your life <3

I'd love to hear your comments and thoughts in the section below 🙂