Using Magick To Get Ahead & Create In Your Business

“Magick is one of THE PROVEN fastest ways many conglomerates and enterprises get ahead. It’s just YOU that doesn’t know…” — Me, Nadia Arain — The Spartanite Herself


It so happens Business brings to our doorsteps a plethora of life challenges, it becomes the axis upon which we create and sculpt a life that we so desire, without interruption. I have seen MANY business owners achieve great heights of success, many of which I have personally served getting ahead with books, courses, podcasts etc. However in all of my time, I have come to realise the straight shooting fastest crossbow is magick.




Let me explain why.


Magick is the SCIENTIFIC manipulation of energy matter in the Universe. There were certain “states” I wanted to reach without attempting or trying so damn hard to get into the frame of mind. Ever felt like shit at 6am but you have to get to the gym/yoga — whatever, to start your day? Between the time I would be trying to make myself breakfast and sort out everything else and pack my little workout bag, I’d do a ritual at light speed which was the simplest candle magick one can imagine (atleast it looks simple LMAO – it isn’t and took me years to master). Within 30 mins, i’d feel the effects hit me, meaning on my drive to the place — I am already ready and not whining about how dead I feel. It sets you up for the rest of the day. Imagine a hot knife through butter, ready upon your command to move as you so desire.


Now, let’s get to your BUSINESS.


Business is like a car. It is a well oiled machine. It is a machine that’s going to get rusty from time to time, you feel crap, someone had to leave, a client dropped off, someone new came on, you have to manage staff, schedules — it’s already a big stressor. Now couple that with depression, low mood, anxiety, what have you , which us Entrepreneurial people are KNOWN FOR– and you’ve got a category 5 shitstorm brewing because you lack the actual MANIA to create. It may surprise many reading this however you do not actually create from a place of balance. You create from a place of high octane mania, which is why it is imperative to be firstly, flooded with new and conceptual ideas and secondly, to capitalise one’s own drive and willpower to execute on them. 


Magick helps you CLEAR things up and boost you. From emotional stability, to healthy self esteem, to floods of new business ideas to healthy eating, raising your company, giving time to your family, to your life partner (hub/wife) — you’re gonna need ENERGY for this. Many Entrepreneurs resort to all types of stuff, energy drinks, diets etc, some even go as far as drugs because the demands of a company are so much and mind you, their PERSONALITY fits it. However, I found a wonderful to go to — and that was magick. The speed magick brought me and client’s results, is a little crazy. I have singlehandedly fixed trash esteem, slow businesses, weight issues, fixed fights between people, repaired marriages, created new partnerships for clients, helped them build their own enterprises, raised confidence levels, and, cleared spiritual issues — which again ALL IMPACT YOUR BUSINESS. ONE thing can send someone’s business off the rails, I know this problem all too well — and one of the FIRST foundational layers I do, is PROTECTION. Every client of mine gets protection because without THAT as the base layer, you’re going literally no where.


So, considering many people have an exceptionally NEGATIVE view (it’s absolutely understandable) of the Occult and think it’s all “sell your soul to the devil” *roll eyes*,  or whatever other stuff that DOES exist but yet, I would never touch —it is no surprise they do not pick up the occult, tool as is, and deploy it like a machine gun. What if all those courses pointed out your low esteem that was causing you to MISS out on feeling worthy (let’s face it man…) but magick could FIX the problem inside you? What if you woke up FEELING more about yourself — positive, stronger, like a lion, confident, bold, I CAN DO IT?


Well, you CAN.


For all things negative press magick does (oh yes, the stories are true…), it does A LOT of positive. Let’s think of it this way — money is a tool. And yet most suffer in misery because they are convinced it is evil. In the hands of psychopaths, money is a tool for control, dominance, humiliation, and, power. In the hands of the healthy, money is a tool for liberation, healthy power, purpose, joy, and, limitless beauty and happiness.


You may the choice when you use it, WHAT you wish to use it for.  Let’s focus on the HEALTHY aspects.


Make a list of what drains you in your business, energetically, physically, and, financially — and when you’ve made that list, write a “dream” list of what you would love to help you fix it. Chances are, there is a solution for it from a quantum and magickal perspective and something I can help with. When you can bend energy, as you can time — you can jump ANY timeline that people have ready for you. It is YOU who makes that decision what you want to change your life by and with to have the faith and belief you can be helped.


Many people mistake themselves to be open minded, yet they are only open to what they have been falsely conditioned to be known as. As a business owner, you consistently have to keep up with things that keep you ahead of the curve at a disciplined and consistent basis — as business is a fast moving beast. Allowing yourself to have something that you can command, as a tool — will change your life, permanently.


Ask yourself, what your lifestyle goal is and where you truly wish to be — your business is NOT your life, it is a vehicle for your life. It is the magnificence through which you serve others and also in the process create one for yourself.


As the MAGICIAN card tells us, pick up your tools, and GET TO WORK!


All things in life are tools, step forward and allow yourself to serve YOURSELF at the table, rather than waiting for someone to show you the way. Your self-determination defends individuality, freedom, power of SELF-EMPOWERMENT. Freedom is simply allows for a PERSONAL identity and not being ever concerned about people’s opinions of you (of which they will have plenty).


Evolve upwards, and take your business with you 🙂


Begin your journey of ascension, power, and, individuality creating an ICONOCLASTIC SELF and BUSINESS.


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