Using Non-Linear Time To Assess The Future Accurately

As part of a continuum of series in strengthening the mind, using the ability to tap into non-linear time to discern accurate events, is something I have enjoyed doing for many, many years.

One of the many things that I wish to educate and share with you, is an old TV series I used to watch. It has the new runs on Channel 4 here in the UK, and it is called the Crystal Maze. As a woman studying Etymology, one day I had finished some work and wanted to see the cryptic subliminal messages that the show may lend me. As Kubrick’s movie “Eyes Wide Shut” was released many years ago, and opened up many eyes, he was sadly murdered because he showed too much. This is why we must have protection, before we speak on these subjects. You can see some of the very old episodes easily on YouTube, and I watch them CAREFULLY to tune into “the past” (time is not linear, so for me, it would still be the present..).

I was very young when these “old” episodes (etymology — who has “episodes”? those with mental illnesses—any surprise how the TEL-LIE-VISION causes distortions in your perception…) aired, however I do remember them and used to sit with a drink in front of the portal to watch them. I was absolutely FASCINATED how you could “buy time” with a crystal that was released as a reward for winning a game. Considering, all time periods have different energy to them, all of them had an individual Zeitgeist, that people unconsciously tune into (Etymology : tune, pun intended—your collective consciousness tunes IN to the portal that layers you with predictive programming)…

Anyway, I digress…

My point being any time, it came to the Futuristic Zone, I remember clearly telling my mother as a kid “they exist, they exist—we can’t see them but they exist”. This was a game where there was a robot and you needed to manipulate it’s movements to get it to release the crystal. My mother was confused and ask “what exists?” and I said “the robot”. She smiled at me and didn’t say much. I was used to adults not taking me seriously, but I KNEW. In channel, about a year ago, a spirit explicitly shared with me that all Artificial Intelligence, including computers and “modern technology”, is rather old. All of them, are from the 23rd Century and the timelines of current Planet Earth, are very slow. Whenever I used to watch the show, I knew they had named the zone “Futuristic”, but I knew it was PRESENT.
Here is a video of it in action –The Futuristic Zone —

I give this very tangible and primal example, because time is NOT linear and it is NOT fixed. So many people wish to develop their own psychic ability and as a woman, who divinates for a living — I can easily share, time can be leveraged, manipulated and bent to their will. This is essentially divination in a nutshell, this is the very reason someone with the ability, can chronologically see into the past, present and future as though it is all happening in real time.


I very much remember dating a man many years back, and as I saw him and smiled at him for the very first time — I heard clearly (without any foreknowledge on it–or the situation) “His grandmother will die within 2-3 weeks, and he will leave for a better career opportunity. Enjoy yourself for the constrained time you have.”. I was devastated and shook it off immediately, as I saw him walk towards me. I was not allowed to share what I already knew. I was HOPING the information I received, had got mixed up with someone else. But of course–it hadn’t. She did sadly pass away and he did leave to pursue a better life for himself 🙂 . This is one of many examples. This is why I tell my Spartanites, you can accurately glean information that reaches you, based on an OPEN MINDED and loose paradigm of the OtherWorld. People are always in such a rush to “beat time”. Understand time, is on your side and behave accordingly.

Crystal Maze, has been long one of my favourite television shows. It has MANY metaphorical metaphysical symbolic meanings. Why Crystals, you may ask?

Crystals symbolize the ability to do a “factory hardwire reset” on the human brain. This is for one of my very intimate workings that I will be releasing next year.

Medieval, as one of the time zone—still exists (of course). The old style long banquet tables, the candle light and the eerie sounds that haunt the many doors that are situated in huge chalets and chateaus in Belgium, France and many other European countries, that the Elite use–are still very much in rotation, today.

So you may be asking “Nadia, why did you feel that as a Spiritual Woman Entrepreneur, I need to know all this?”

There was a very stupid saying a classmate of mine once had…. “what you don’t know–can’t hurt you”.

Actually it CAN and it WILL.

Your Spirituality is supposed to be BALANCED. And much of what people think and believe, Spirituality is walking the voids that people feel exceptionally uncomfortable with 🙂 Once you learn the hidden meanings behind every day life, running your Business and handling clients, becomes rather simple. This is also the reason, the same things and situations, keep happening in a person’s life repeatedly.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below <3