Using The Power Of Vibrational Upgrades To Transform Your Life

As part of my dedication to the Spirit realms, there have been times where my outstretched hand has reached to do something, non Spiritually related. And so I have done. I owned a day spa, written books, worked many years in the fashion industry as a model as well as been a beautician. These incarnate professions felt empty and unfulfilling to me, because I was never able to express the TRUE DARK FEMININE SELF, the Self I felt society just wished me to cast away, hide and go away.

As a woman and a Spartanite, who has Quantum jumped from a life of force and by someone else’s design, meant to kill her — I have escaped some terrifying and death defying situations, since I was a little girl. My life was supposed to end by the man I was supposed to “marry” when I was still possessed by evil spirits, a man that would have murdered me in cold blood, by raping and strangling me. I also averted a divorce, in my mid 30’s that was supposed to happen with heavy litigation issues. That betrayal alone, would have lasted me several lifetimes. Fortunately, I never met the bastard as I am clean now– and thank goodness for that. With the removal of the evil entities, vibrational upgrades and healing the self hatred of suicidal tendencies, was paramount. Because time is NOT linear, as I have mentioned in a previous post, right here — I knew this man was coming and I had to do everything in my power to escape the sludge demons to escape HIM.

With THAT said— how can vibrational upgrades assist YOU in your life?

Well for starters, it changes what comes and goes in your life. Each person broadcasts a frequency. This frequency sends out waves at an electromagnetic scale, determining EVERYTHING we attract into our life. There is a saying that “Vengeance and Success both is a true luxury, for those who can manipulate and bend time and energy”—and I believe this to be 120% accurate. Vibrational Upgrades accelerate this.

As a much younger woman, when I owned my spa, I used to sit and study Quantum Jumping—I thought it was FASCINATING that time travel was a real thing, but was confused as to HOW it operated. I was still trying to use my logical, linear mind. Fortunately, Vibrationally Upgrading my life means that I get to do it for so many other Spartanites today. Many of my blog articles, touch on Occult Knowledge—Occult MEANS Hidden. So this information, will not be out there flying around for every person to possess access to. It is for those who have an inquisitive, discerning and curious mind.

I know you are one of them.

Vibrational Upgrades, all deal in real time, with enhancing and amplifying strong energy. Lots of people do this through Psionics, and I choose to do it through a very different way. Lower consciousness (the average person), holds no merit and weight infront of a person who can easily control his own aura, frequency and thus by, his very life force. Lower consciousness people allow life to control them and higher consciousness people, CONTROL LIFE ITSELF.

As your vibrational frequency becomes stronger and more noticable, the iron in your blood, magnetizes and repels — based on what your intention to manifest, IS.

I teach a lot of my Spartanites, blood purification work (which works excellently in keeping beautiful health for yourself) and also using the Iron in your plasma to attract all types of bliss towards you. I also assist with chakra and aura rebalancings —to keep your energy body, light, bright and empowered. When you are at a state of empowered Strength, depressed and anxious people cannot approach you as your energy will LITERALLY BLAST THEM OUT. I have seen this happen in real time.

In all of my upcoming Spartanite Wealth, Love and Spirituality Goddess series, you get exclusive front row access to this vibrational upgrades and raw, feminine, lioness power—that the woman within you, can only dream of.

Be the best you can be.


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