Wealth Consciousness & Overcoming “Acceptable Loss” For Financial Success

Many people are “money coaches”, and having the confusion, privilege, and, faculty to sit through this title at events I have attended over a span of time, I have often asked myself — “How can someone claim to teach about money and yet not teach anything at all?”. I remember once asking a woman who claimed she was one what HER definition of Wealth Consciousness (at a table over breakfast), was — and she was blank. I was trying to learn and had my notepad out to scribble down what she was saying…

“Well, Nadia, I have never heard of that…”

“I thought you teach about money, or did I get this wrong…?”

As Sparty V says “play stupid games, and you win stupid prizes”

DISCLAIMER : It is advisable to remain SILENT in matters upon which you do not possess COMPLETE dominion and power over, because when someone has spent years honing their Craft, it is dangerous to fuck with them, as a hobby. 

Things like “track your money”, are ace. I recommend any person with a working mind to do so, and yet when we swim in this shallow waters of what the enmasse deal with money — there are factions far deeper of how the tenets of  OCCULT WEALTH really line up.

Today’s transmission is broadcast from a major tenet that all marketing, sales, and, business “leaders” (they like calling themselves gurus), have actually got right. It’s that word that people don’t often know what to do with.


Because this is such a layman term, ambition looks like a show braggart telling people how much money they have made because it is an ego stroke. There is depth of a tenet of ACCEPTABLE LOSS, a type of bastion that many people do not see relative in their “Wealth Building” strategy.


Now, I am certainly not the first person to touch on this and I do not claim the title for myself, as it is not a Spartanite coinage — however what I will say is that any Occultist worth their salt and heralds true financial command, will agree with my point. If you bear with me, you probably will, equally.

When you are not hitting a certain number that you may “desire” and desire is simply about posturing and alignment of what feels the best for YOU and how far and wide your world can STRETCH, it is because you have ACCEPTED loss in life. You can see most people have accepted loss. You see it in their EYES, their GAIT, their LACK OF FIERCE BOLDNESS. They have accepted failure.

I hate to use the term “loser” as it is mean and harsh, but that is where the origins are from. LOSS. When someone has no concept of winning in any area, acceptable loss will be PROBLEM FOCUSED. It will always speak about the problem and hinting towards that.

Hints don’t bring money. Hints don’t bring a life that you create with your 2 bare hands to be proud, of. Hints only remind you at a sub-atomic level that you’re too afraid to seek what your hearts desire is, because it isn’t really your desire AT ALL. Acceptable loss means that you have ACCEPTED a certain level of money is not for you because of many reasons. You may not feel worthy, deserving, or, “special”, enough. You may not have the “know-how” (again, an excuse), and frankly speaking, nothing has lit a fire under your ass ENOUGH to get to that goal in life. Most people are not winners. This we know as EVIDENCE when we look at their life however remind someone of the dark truth, and suddenly people want to slice egos with their tongue and catch hands.

The truth does not need to be defended. You set it free, and it will always defend itself.

The questions I implore you to ask yourself is, When the PRESSURE is stacked up on you — how do you cope? Remember, it is not always necessary to stand tall and proud in a storm. You are welcome to take cover, strategize, and, come back up when you’re ready.

What are your dreams and what do you desire?

Have you accepted and resigned loss to it?

“It will never happen, I am too this, or not enough that…”

Or do you think “Life is a cupcake and I am gonna eat the entire tray of it…”

All people who have rejected acceptable loss, are determined and possess the courage to go after what they want. In Financial affairs, money desires speed and boldness. If you’re not where you want to be, it is because if we dig a little deeper — there is a level of acceptable loss peppered with some very clever excuses. There are genuine matters a person must overcome and that is fine, understandable, and, comprehensible. It is a waste using excuses especially when there is a goal that you desire to reach.

Is acceptable loss a lack of ambition in a person?

Perhaps, we will never know.

When you’re constantly looking to improve and make yourself bigger and better, one thing is for sure.