What Scarcity Programming Does To Repel Wealth

I had a good long conversation with my mentor the other day, and decided to see what was the deal with scarcity programming and why I feel so many people struggle with Wealth.

Scarcity programming, is possibly the simplest thing to understand because the normal default in the world that has been perpetuated generally. People constantly feel like they are fighting for scraps, because they are going without in the midst of plenty. Being a beggar at the banquet, basically. People who have scarcity mindsets go and blow their money extremely quickly, because they are so afraid that things like bills and other expenses will consume it up. I know people who will go out of no where and buy a huge TV and you full well KNOW they cannot cover their expenses and that is nothing but lack.

The fear of running out of money.

People who are in survival mode, are always in a stress about their finances. It doesn’t matter how much they bring in. They stress about it. Often, this can come from DEEPLY ingrained scarcity programming growing up and it can be a very difficult situation that can land you in that. When people say they desperately need something, they will NEVER EVER RECEIVE IT because the need is so bad, it is actually repulsive to money. Your emotional states literally determine the money that flows to you, at all times—and I often see people who struggle with money, just do not value the right things and putting money in the right places, because of a lack of emotional maturity and they feel like you’re taking an icecream away from their 5 year old mentality.

In order to be financially stable, you must be responsible. And in order to be responsible, you must be disciplined.

Most people see discipline as punishment or boring, because “oh god you have to do the right thing and we just want to have fun”. Having “fun” has a very, very large price and it’s often known as Financial Stress.

People who struggle with money, feel they need to consume EVERYTHING. No where is this more evident that when people ask you to finish your food because people are starving on the other side of the world. Like if you left food on your plate, you’re a horrible person. And when I see people spend money, it is often spending the last dime, even nicely going into debt because they are so terrified to have that money in their account because they feel something terrible will happen like an emergency, an accident, it will be stolen etc. Basically, living in a lack mentality where there is never enough.

This is why I created DIVINE FEMININE ABUNDANCE. Life is not supposed to be a struggle at all, and I am so excited to share details with you, very soon for the launch date.

It’s time you made the money, you DESERVE!

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, below ­čÖé