What is Dark Feminine Energy and How Can I Activate it?

lady in black and white photo with necklace displaying dark feminine energy

“Embrace your dark side, it’s where the magic happens”

What is Dark Feminine Energy? 

In a world confined by rigid societal expectations of how a woman “should be”, dark feminine energy emerges as an earth-shattering rebellion, a liberating force that smashes the chains of convention. 

However therein lies the myth. 

Dark feminine energy is not a rebellious act; it is an inherent birthright gifted upon all women who are willing to walk within its power.

Yet, for far too long, we have turned our gaze away, allowing its power to lie dormant. We surrendered our strength to the ruling men of this world, who trembled in fear of the magnetic force that dark feminine energy possesses.

To me, dark feminine energy is a fearless embrace of your sexuality, your confidence and a bold declaration of individuality that defies the limitations imposed by traditional femininity, requiring a woman to cease existing and taking up space.

It taps into the primal instincts and desires that are deep within every woman.

lady in black and white photo with necklace displaying dark feminine energy

Experiencing the Dark Side and Feeling Stronger Than Ever 

I have experienced a lot in my life, and like many women I have fallen victim to the ugly control wielded by unhealthy and damaged men which led me down a path no woman should ever go. 

One of the things I said to my EMDR coach who helped me clear the trauma, is that because my sexuality is so strong, even all of that trauma was not able to stop me. 

I very much love and enjoy sex within all its pleasures – I never fully shut off. This worked to my advantage to heal and rise within my true power.

Most women repress their sexuality and are trained to be nice girls, so they are not labeled as a whore in society – but ‘that whore’ carries a lot of power. A lot of women are deeply jealous and resentful of women who enjoy their sexuality because it confronts them to realize how repressed and choked up they are.

Men do not hate women as much as they fear our power and that power is ALL sexual. Sexual women are free and can never be controlled. 

Men both hate and admire that, allow me to explain a little more.

One of the key things a man wants to feel is in control. This comes as an oxymoron because he will never be fully interested or invested in a woman who has no life of her own.

Dark feminine energy coach sitting on stairs

Where Does Dark Feminine Energy Come From and Why Has It Faded Over Time?

In the past, the seductive secret of dark feminine energy was concealed, held captive by the shackles of societal norms. 

Like a forbidden fruit, it was forbidden to taste its intoxicating essence, for fear of awakening an unstoppable and wild power that threatened the established order.

Societal structures molded femininity into a delicate fragile and helpless ornament, a mere whisper of its true potential. 

The allure of the dark feminine, with its magnetic pull and sultry intrigue, was deemed too dangerous by men because they feared they would fall prey to its seductive entrapment charm. Its transformative and primal nature was bound, restricted, and cast aside.

Yet the primal feminine – can never be bottled like the 4 winds in a jar, the wrath of the ocean upon nights where she knows neither science nor mercy, proves this repeatedly.

They Tried To Contain The Wild Fire That Burned Within Women’s Souls

Fire burning

Unhealthy patriarchal influences, insecure in their arrogance and dominance, sought to contain the wild fire that burned within women’s souls. 

They feared the unpredictability, the unyielding strength, and the untamed passions that dark feminine energy embodied. They believed the lie that a woman is a temptress and thus forth evil – as so many religions have made women to appear, as. 

So they silenced it, stifled its whispers, and labeled it as wickedness and unholy, confining it to the realm of witches and temptresses.

And then came the objectification, the reduction of feminine power to mere adornment to be controlled. In the media’s grasp, dark feminine energy was stripped of its depth and complexity, reduced to hollow beauty standards and commodified desire. It became a commodity for the satisfaction of male desires, losing its essence and leaving only a hollow shell behind.

A shell that could easily be controlled.

We Never Lost Our Dark Feminine Energy as it is Still Inside Each and Every One of us

But the seductive whispers of dark feminine energy refuse to be silenced forever. They echo loudly and burn brightly, in the hearts of the women who refuse to accept the chains that bind them. 

A rebellion stirs, a sensual uprising that reclaims the power that was stolen. It is time to embrace the dark feminine energy, to peel back the layers of restraint and rediscover the raw, untamed force that lies within.

From the ashes of oppression, a seductive phoenix rises, demanding to be seen and heard. The dark feminine energy is an intoxicating elixir, an invitation to embrace the depths of your being, to revel in the mysterious, the sensual, and the unapologetically authentic. 

What is the Dark Feminine Personality? 

Most women are trying to gain power in a masculine way, instead of being charming, confident and seductive. 


Because dark feminine energy has been suppressed for so long, we don’t know how to activate it. There are few role models left for it.

Most have lost their innate power in the wilderness, and instead, they try to emulate the man. The only understanding most women have, is to behave like a man to acquire the power and freedom they see a man has.

Femininity is so powerful, it will outrun and out scramble any man’s brain at any place. 

When you embrace your sexuality and you own it, it is a very powerful place to be. It is bold, aggressive, and assertive and most importantly, it knows what it wants and it gets what it wants.

It’s a type of mystery, a dark sexual spice, like a drug and extremely addictive. 

Unlike most women, I very much enjoy sex and sexual energies because I have no hang ups and blockages around it. I have complete ownership over it.

Sexual and beautification ownership allows you to be completely sovereign over your life.

seductive female with cream on her tongue and mouth open with red lipstick

Dark Feminine Energy Makes You Visible and a Lot of Women Are Fearful of That 

Women are frightened to be visible because when you blend visibility with low self-esteem and no confidence, it makes them extremely vulnerable and defenseless. 

A feeling they want to run away from.

Visibility also attracts criticism which triggers a woman’s low self worth, if they are not strong enough to ignore criticism and see it for what it really is; a reflection of the insecurities and biases held by those passing judgment. They will crumble and fall apart, under the judgment and opinion of another and quickly revert to the fragile and submise feminine demeanor that they have been taught to possess. 

This is why I feel so strongly about coaching women to embrace their dark femininity, to step into their ultimate power and break free from those toxic thought patterns. 

Why should we live our lives in fear?

Scared of being judged or criticized and worried about the backlash or consequences of embracing who we are? Embracing the powers we were born with? 

It’s a weird and bizarre way to behave – a dysfunctional dystopia of womanly hell that most women are invisibly trapped in and find it difficult, if not impossible – to escape.

How Do I Activate My Dark Feminine Energy?

Great question, and it’s one that many of my clients ask me before we begin working together. It all starts with confidence. 

Confidence is essential for embracing and embodying dark feminine energy because it empowers women to fully explore and express their authentic selves without fear or hesitation. 

Dark feminine energy is about embracing the depths of yourself and expressing your full spectrum of emotions and desires. Confidence allows you to be unapologetically yourself, without trying to conform to societal norms or expectations. It provides you with the courage to explore the shadow aspects of your personality, to dive into the unknown, and to embody your true self authentically.

To embrace your dark side, you’ve got to step into your power and discover deep, unshakable inner confidence, which for most women, is very difficult. 

Women have major blocks in the throat chakra and find it hard to possess confidence as most desperately seek approval to exist, let alone living – from everyone except themselves.

female with dark feminine energy lying down

Most Women Don’t Even Realize How Small They’ve Become

Most of the women I work with have little confidence, they feel inferior to everyone and standing in a crowded room is like being surrounded by towering giants. 

It doesn’t matter what they have achieved on the outside, the story is always the same when we dig deep and get personal at an internal level.

It’s as if they are a tiny pebble amidst majestic mountains, struggling to be seen or heard. Like a wilted flower overshadowed by a vibrant garden, their sense of self feels diminished and overshadowed.

Like a timid mouse in a world of roaring lions, they shrink in their presence, feeling small and insignificant. Each interaction feels like navigating a maze, fearing judgment and criticism at every turn. It is like carrying a heavy burden, constantly comparing themselves to others and finding themselves lacking in every measure.

I Release The Internal Blocks Which Are Holding You Back 

Over the years, you’ve collected ideas and notions about what it means to be ‘you’ and how you should act. Perhaps your parents have influenced your thoughts around femininity, or if you’re like me, or your parents didn’t teach you anything about femininity. 

I come from a family where most members are narcissistic, competitive, vindictive, and psychopathically destructive. I walked away permanently to save my own life and retain mental sanity after all the trauma and loss I was put through, due to them. 

Growing up, I frequently found myself alone with no help. I didn’t grow up with an admirable role model who taught me how to embrace my feminine beauty, allure and power, I had to teach myself.

I barely ever related to women as most women I saw were needy, clingy, helpless, clueless, or on the flip side – bitter malicious psycho evil bitches. There was no healthy balance of the dark feminine, so I pursued the journey to embrace mine to embody it for other women who found themselves in my place.

Either way, your brain will have become a tangled web of thoughts and opinions, a lot of them influenced by the very controlling and destructive men who try to suppress our dark feminine energy. This manifests itself in the way we think and act which is why so many women are fearful of being visible. 

Do you ever hear these thoughts which are so rife in the feminine psyche? 

“If I am too confident, I will scare him away.” 

“If I do my makeup people will think I’m trying too hard.”

“If I act on my sexual desires I’ll be called a slut.”

“If I speak up, I’ll be deemed arrogant.”

“If I do what I want to do people will think I’m selfish.”

“If I act in that way, I might be deemed intimidating.”

“They will think I’m overpowering if I say what I want to say.”

“If I say what I really think I might upset them.” 

“I might attract too much attention if I wear that outfit.”

Fuck that! 

That’s what I say to those limiting thoughts. Can you see how they’re keeping you in a prison? A prison defined by what other people think. 

prison cell

I will rewrite your internal narratives 

I will work with you to release those inner negative narratives which are so deeply ingrained into your subconscious. 

I will teach you how to shed the layers of fear, worry and anxiety which have been weighing you down and dampening your feminine allure. 

Most importantly, I will teach you how to harness the magic of being a woman. How to dress, how to enhance your beauty and how to carry yourself. 

Not for the appeasement of men (although it certainly will attract them!) however, for the fulfillment of your soul. Because when you look after your appearance, it nurtures a positive relationship with yourself and sends a powerful message that you value and prioritize your own well-being. Because let me ask you, how do you feel when you leave the house feeling ashamed of how you look? It’s all about energy and if your energy is low because you haven’t bothered to look after yourself it will affect your ability to embrace your dark feminine energy. 

Confidence is a magnet for others. 

When you exude self-assurance and belief in yourself, it creates a captivating aura that draws others towards you. It amplifies the seductive and magnetic qualities of dark feminine energy, allowing you to connect with others on a deeper level and inspire them to embrace their own authenticity.

Here are a few steps I encourage you to try to yourself to tap into your dark feminine energy…

Take Time to For Self-Reflection

Take a blazing journey of self-reflection and dive deep into the depths of your being. Uncover the hidden and suppressed aspects of yourself, for within them lie the seeds of your dark feminine energy, waiting to ignite.

With unyielding passion, fearlessly ask yourself what qualities and characteristics align with your vision of the untamed feminine power that resides within. Peel back the layers of societal conditioning, shedding the expectations that have held you captive for far too long.

Explore Sensuality and Pleasure

Ignite the flames of your sensuality and unapologetically embrace the intoxicating power of pleasure. Let your body become a vessel of liberation as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-indulgence. 

Unearth your desires that have long been suppressed.

In this fiery exploration, cast away the chains of shame and guilt that have held you captive. Embrace your body as a temple of pleasure, a sacred vessel deserving of all the delights that life has to offer. Give yourself permission to revel in the sensations that awaken your senses, without reservation or hesitation.

Challenge Social Expectations

Unleash the chains that confine your self-expression and defy the suffocating grip of societal norms. It’s time to boldly embrace your uniqueness and shatter the glass ceiling of conventional femininity. Break free from the molds that confine you and fearlessly explore uncharted territories within yourself.

Grant yourself the audacity to venture beyond the boundaries of tradition and expectations. Forge your own path with the blazing fire of authenticity as your guiding light. Let your personal style become a canvas for your self-expression, an exquisite masterpiece painted with colors that defy the ordinary.

Explore the vast landscape of unconventional interests and daring hobbies. Embrace the callings that whisper to your soul, even if they diverge from the beaten path. Let your passions be the fuel that propels you forward, igniting a flame that burns with fierce determination.

Cultivate Self-Confidence

Recognise that your unique expression of dark feminine energy is beautiful and valid. Embrace all aspects of yourself, including the shadows and complexities. Cultivate self-acceptance by practicing self-compassion and letting go of self-judgment.

Embrace the power of authenticity and express yourself genuinely. Let go of the need for external validation and honor your true desires and emotions. Trust that by staying true to yourself, you will naturally radiate confidence and attract those who appreciate your authentic energy.

Embrace Your Intuition

Develop a deeper connection with your intuition and trust your inner guidance. This can be achieved through practices such as meditation, journaling, or simply tuning in to your inner voice. Allow your intuition to guide you in making choices that align with your true desires and values.

Remember, embracing your dark feminine energy is a personal and unique journey. It’s important to honor your own path and be patient with yourself as you explore and integrate different aspects of your identity. Allow yourself the freedom to express your authentic self and trust that your journey will unfold in its own time and in the way that is right for you.

Is it Time to Work With a Spiritual Mentor Who Will Unleash Your Dark Feminine Energy?

Hi, I’m Nadia. I navigate two worlds, one of which is the reality we live in where your exterior image is everything. The other is an underworld which guides our spiritual energy. This world is unbeknown to most women and they’re naive to the forces which can invisibly destroy their dominant feminine vivacity.

Lady standing in front of tree grounding her energy

I help women ignite their raw feminine primal energy and tap into their shadows. When you work with me you will:

  • Clear your beauty blocks and unearth your innate dark feminine energy.
  • Fall in love with yourself whilst attracting others to fall deeply in love with you too.
  • Achieve unthinkable success in the realms of wealth, society and romance.
  • Acquire the spiritual depth you were born to experience.
  • Resolve past trauma to lead from a place of confidence, not fragility.
  • Rebirth your soul to enrich it with dark feminine energy.
  • Obtain the sexual allure that sets you free from the restrictions men have tried to place on you.
  • Unlock the concealed door that’s stopping you from tapping into your fearless primal femininity that men are so fearful of.

Discover more about my coaching programme below and book a free consultation where we can get to know each other.