What Is Mental Health & Who Are You Behind Closed Doors?

DISCLAIMER : This is not a channeled post, so it will be at normal frequency as opposed to the heat and motivational fire people often feel when they read Spartanite work 🙂 


Mental health, has been spoken about a lot lately.


4 months emerging, and seeing people very disorientated and confused, can be considered a normality after people have been boxed up and shut up in their cages that they call houses. I have thought a lot about this post and what I wish to say, global happenings, what to expect, my own experiences and I wish to amalgamate that into something bite sized and coherent.


Crazy is a very dismissive and cruel word to use for someone who is struggling. You may just be a normal person, in a very sick and unhealthy environment.


When this happens to you, you resort to insane ways to cope. Having a healthy routine, being out of your house, resting, working out, sleeping, and, socialising — are necessary to mental health. If I ever spend too long at home, I begin feeling like the life is being sucked out of me. As do many other people. I wish to highlight points that are important for us, as a populace to know at this current time and tie them like a cherry knot on your tongue, from your Martini.


First and foremost, through careful planning and meticulous strategy, we do not live in a sane and functioning world. The more sick and unhealthy an individual is, the more likely they will succeed. This is psychopathy 101 and we absolutely require no introduction to it. But what about the average unaware, unsuspecting person? Why are they struggling so badly? Who are you? Who are we as a human race, anymore? What happened to us? Does ANYONE know?


Actually, some of us do.


I will take the liberty to effectively break this down and then suggest helpful solutions to it.


1. Childhood trauma. Many people, including myself, have had a rough upbringing. What a child should be provided for, is 2 sane functioning adults, a mother, father, and a loving family. Rarely do people get this anymore. What they DO get is abuse, neglect, abandonment, bullying, isolation, and, toxic and psychopathic coping mechanisms. This ventures into the next stage.


2. The institutions. School, University, Employment, Religious Dogma, (not religion itself), Clubs, etc. Any part of anything where you are required to abandon YOURSELF, takes your intution and your conscience, AWAY from you.


3. Spiritual & Magickal Factors. When you encompass situations such as dark magick, djinn, and curses — these things wreak SERIOUS mental havoc on a person’s mindframe and their overall vantage point of life. You begin behaving in a manner off, weird, and, foreign to you.


4. Trauma based programming. We have evidence in this, by Kanye West, in the recent times. Contrary to sheep belief, he is not mentally unwell, or bipolar, or anything. He had been sectioned, drugged, and, electroshocked through MK programming by the evil family he is married into — and is DESPERATE to break free to save his kids from the same fate, especially his daughter. Many celebrities have tried to expose, break free — and you know the end result, don’t you?


5. “Modern Living”. Nanites that swim in your DNA and RNA systems, breaking them down through the Chemtrails sprayed on us, on a regular basis —making your speech, thoughts, and, neural pathways a carbon copy clone of everyone else in your vicinity. Combine this with lower vibrational junk, trashy food, the GMO’s, and the “friendly chemicals”, isn’t it any wonder most people’s entire presence is a mentally unwell, shitstorm?


When you look at all of these factors, the MANDELA effect is now in progress. When an abuser wants to re-write your reality, they will gaslight you into remembering a different version of the truth. The truth is the TRUTH, hence it is SO “OFFENSIVE” AS IT IS NOT POLITE AND NEITHER IS IT CONVENIENT.


In order to keep sane (especially in Western society), making space and time to drop into your body, is imperative. For the most part, not keeping in the loop of the media, and, creating strong interpersonal boundaries of what you allow into your life — will determine your mental health. Everyone is in the information overload and the mind has become fragmented due to dehumanisation. Most people are so comfortable being dehumanised, it is the norm and order of Business for the day. When you have strong mental health, you will be able to create a powerful shield to keep the crown on your head!


Mental health, is travelling down a deep hole, to understand and reprogramme all your toxicity through Love and Patience, so you can finally breathe fresh Oxygen and love on yourself 😀


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