What Is The Primordial Dark Divine Feminine For A Man?

Descend down a flight of Stairs. 


Stairs that speak quiet musings of hushed Liasons, stairs that keep many secrets. Stairs carved of rock, leading a courageous man into the Abyss. Stairs illuminated with small candle lanterns, leading the way. The Abyss. The Divine. Enter the Dark Divine Feminine. She is here to welcome you.


It is on rare occasions a man stumbles across a woman who belongs to this. The Primordial Dark Divine Feminine. A woman graceful, feminine, charming, canny, intelligent, and kissed by Goddess Lilith, Herself. A woman in her true form essence. A man LONGS to let himself go, to give up all control, and yet, he is afraid, he is scared, for the woman of today, isn’t fit to be addressed as such. She merely possesses female body parts, however has disconnected from her source. He descends further into the depth of those stairs, entering the cavern of ruins, ruins and splendor, untouched by the outside world. The wilderness of the Feminine. The heart of a woman, that craves his very essence. His eyes, his masculinity, his provision, his protection. He feels welcome, at home, loved, seen, wanted, accepted, and recognised. He is at last home, and this very home, terrifies him.


You see, he is free to be a masquerade, a character to the average woman. He impresses her with what society has deemed appropriate for him to do so.  Material wealth. Social standing and prestige. He is at once, relieved, yet frustrated.


Like having easy sex. A place to put his cock, and still that disquieting craving grows louder. Deeper. Harder. Intensifies. He disconnects. Turns to whatever vice is at hand, because all that quietens the SOUL, is the Primal Dark Feminine. The Dark Feminine, majestically, among all her ruins with all her clothes on.


The Abyss that captures his heart, his desire, through her piercing eyes, and half sung-song that eludes him each time he meets her. The Feminine who walks to the beat of her own Distant Drum, the woman whole unto her own Self. He desires to grow into a bigger, better man. A man who sees his Queen crown him with her integrity, beauty, and honour she reserves for HIM. He wakes up each morning, dreaming of that Abyss, no matter how disconnected and busy he is, or rather, thinks he is. He craves the loving embrace he feels from her, the gentle kindness, and is yet, met with the harsh realities of the modern woman wanting to not only compete with him, but be him. He finds himself desiring the Primal Feminine, the depth, the power, and the gratitude of being a woman. He desires her womb, unbeknownst or knoweth to him. He craves to walk through the Stargate of her sexual free-flowing energy, an energy that electrifies and transforms him. And deep in his being, every time he has sex with “normal” women, he knows something has been lost. Something is missing. He achieved his manly goal of bedding her, but as he descends down that staircase, hauntings from the shadows remind him, that she did not give. She took.


Frustrated and angry, he yells at the hollow he is stood infront of, a hollow filled with hot salt water blazing his face with the detoxifying steam, a salt water he speaks to and asks if the Primordial Dark Divine Feminine, exists any longer. 


He is met with a quest. A quest to grow unto himself. A quest to stop running, stop hiding, just stop. The Primordial Feminine, isn’t a neat little girlfriend or wife, although she is certainly happy to take the role as she sees fit to make life easier. She is the infernal blaze a man must, and completely drown, within,  whilst stood on the staircase. Goddess Lilith, asks of this man, what makes him hard? Nay, not a naked woman. What makes his HEART, hard? Few a man can respond earnestly to this, for it takes great masculine courage to admit Love, is above all, and Love is ONLY received from the Primordial woman, as Love turns a man into a KING.






Her Love powers him, inspires him, moves him, pushes him. Her grace and warmth, soothes him, heals him, comforts him. She is all. She is nothing. She is the face he sees in the salt water. She, Her, The Feminine.


The Primordial Dark Divine Feminine.


His Divine Counterpart.






Satiate a MAN. Feed him. Fill him up. Build him, Love him, Grow with him. Push him, Elevate him.


You may be the only woman powerful enough to change him for the better. 


Join him in the Abyss, for you shall emerge from the blazing saltwater that scalds his face. Be his peace.


In Honour, of the Primordial Dark Divine Feminine, found enchantingly and lovingly, only hidden in the eyes of the Creatrix she belongs to.