What Is The True Hallmark Of A Successful Business?

I don’t have the habit of writing about Business, from a mundane lens.


By mundane, the typical connotation of the word, may be boring.


By for us who practice the arts, Mundane and Magickal, are 2 sides of the same coin. Anything in the mundane for us, is simply worldly. Which means, the way I choose to ascribe Business practices are strictly Occult based and they are UNIVERSAL LAWS THAT WORK. When man goes against nature, his mind, body, and spirit, suffer grave consequence and it is evident for all to see. It also means he feels like a rat in the cog, going round the same thing over and over again, because he is disconnected from his OWN self.


This applies to all men and women who read this.


The attribution of a successful business for many people, is a business that brings in a lot of money. Whatever number you may have in your mind, at present. It may also be having a “huge office”, lots of staff members, lots of this or that. It may be having a luxe furnished house, a beautiful car to drive and all the material trappings that makes one LOOK successful. But is that really the HALLMARK? As one can visit a Bijouterie, where the goldsmith always provides the hallmark of the carat of Gold or Bezel of Diamond, with a stamp and a card, what is the hallmark of Business?


The answer is rather, simple.


It is the RETENTION of business.


Many people are in a rush to receive money because their ONLY prime goal in life, IS money. They h.ave no goal or aim outside it, as it is their ONLY identity.


Whilst, of course being of the persuasion as woman that teaches the Sacred and Profane Arts of Money, one of the biggest hallmarks I saw of Spartanite, is when someone returns to invest in themselves through the work I have created. It shows VALUE of a business. Many people want valuations of their land, their house, their precious metals, but few business owners stop and think of the VALUATION one places on their own self, and furthermore the services/products/goods/experiences that are in provision. When you truly have something of value, people repeatedly return because they enjoy sharing their money with you.


Success in business, does not come from stats, or metrics, or anything else. Sure, the numbers and analytics for any company, are exceptionally important. However, the real success originates from retention. Because if your net of wealth consciousness, has many tattered holes in it, your clients will not feel loved, valued, appreciated, and will not have strong relationships with you. They will feel used and like a number. That is why so many business fail to retain clients, and furthermore, high performance staff. When you impact people’s LIVES, you are not just “doing business”. You are operating from the DIVINE and whatever the DIVINE touches, has a particle spin of Love.


The secret sauce of retention is true time investment into PEOPLE and Love. 


People KNOW if you truly wish to serve them, or you are just there to “make your money” and show the world about your little “lifestyle”.


Anyone can have a “lifestyle”. That’s easy. In today’s world where the majority of women in the West want to be men (never mind be LIKE them), seem to want to do is take all their clothes off and take nude photos to show the world what they look like, it is boring, sick, and empty. You have men sitting in their fancy cars with their dark Ray Ban’s on, telling people how much they can afford whereas someone who has half a working brain and a soul to match, doesn’t give a rat’s tail fuck of what you have; is truly something else. Both these scenarios, SCREAM of insecurity.


Doing your e-mail mailers, hopping onto your IG livestreams and running promotions, only takes a business so far.


What are you willing to show up as, so people know your Business is your JOY, your PASSION, your ECSTASY, and all you have committed to, to be of DIVINE SERVICE to this world?


It is easy to make a buck…


…Harder to make a MEMORABLE, DIFFERENCE.


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