Why Being an Entrepreneur Is So Challenging

Entrepreneurship, is a survival technique for most.


It is the last stop for those of us whom institutions, schools, universities, workplaces etc — cannot tame. If you have gone through all these filters like I did, and was bored shitless, that is wonderful news! 😀 You probably have it in you to work for yourself and lead divisions as you proceed forward.


The nature of Entrepreneurship is such. It is basically solving problems and finding constructive things to do with your money, time, and energy. Most Entrepreneurs, (including myself) do not have a university degree. I dropped out in my second year of University studying Psychology, because I was so utterly BORED of the regurgitated bullshit that the cash cow called University, feeds naive, wide-eyed and impressionable “students”. It is the LAST part of the programming that is the HARDEST to get through, for the human spirit. Those who recognise it for what it is, know that it is the step to getting a graduate job (slavery) in a place where you see those people who have that nice comfy car, nice little house, nice little “proper job”,  nice little this and that, DYING INSIDE. DEAD. And I mean that with all my life.


Most people have their dreams beaten out of them by a homogenized society that thrives on human enslavement. I sort of mean this in the “let’s sit in an office or a job I hate and be miserable all day” as well as ACTUAL enslavement (in record numbers happening in the world everywhere — yep, including your city too). Entrepreneurship is challenging, because the generic TIMELINE in Western Society (that is already Spiritually dead and taken up permanent residence in Hell), is misery. People in non-western countries have a MUCH freer life (can speak with experience living in a few) because you don’t feel like a lab rat in your day to day life. With that said, most people know being an Entrepreneur is HARD, but Lord have mercy, do not know the ACTUAL pain you have to go through. It is akin to motherhood. Yes, we all know labour is hard, but till you have pushed that child out — don’t even bother pretending like you know anything.


Entrepreneurship, is the art of waking up every morning both excited and terrified.


It is believing in a dream when everyone around you, has given up on you, in a manner where they gave up on themselves. It is having a sharp and agile mind to meet deadlines and know you WILL SLEEP HUNGRY if you do not master sales, the art of conversation, how to manage prospects, customers, pipelines and my love, more than anything — INNOVATION. When my first business crashed to the ground (forceably), I truly learned grit in a couple of years. I learned that someone can throw me in a sewer and I could climb my way out and just find a nearby place to wash and talk my way into some clothes (that’s if I didn’t kill passersby, with the stench first lol). Entrepreneurship teaches you true adulthood. It teaches you ferocity, resilience, and grit. It teaches you to swim when everything in your life would anchor you to sink. It is truly a FREE LIFE, when you learn how to MASTER your emotions. No genuine Entrepreneur, can ACTUALLY last in a job. I know this as I have lived to tell the tale and was fortunate enough to have my piece featured in YFS magazine, that can be found here. Being an old piece I wrote many years back, I ran 2 companies before Spartanite and gained invaluable knowledge on how to run both an online and offline business, things I mix and match that contribute to the success of Sparty.


Every Entrepreneur knows cashflow is king. Run out of cash, and you’ll be back in a job in no time, although most people I know would rather wash cars for minimum wage, than ever take a “proper job”.


Jobs are designed to siphon off Prana (life force energy), so much so, every single person who works a job is MISERABLE when they get home. Entrepreneurship is not for someone faint hearted. It is an option only and ONLY when you have truly exhausted every other measure in employment, that you should consider. It is an option that will give you unlimited freedom, stability, and happiness. Not before you have paid the price of misery, blood, sweat, and tears of ranging and raging emotions that makes you look like you have bi-polar. Some days are great, some days you’re ready to kill yourself in the bath. Such is the nature of Entrepreneurship.


It is challenging because if it was easy, you wouldn’t even want it. 


Entrepreneurship teaches you to hunt for yourself in a world where lifeless dead people wake up each morning, a tank empty of their dreams and go and sell their time because no one taught them how to think for themselves at a young age. It is NEVER too late to rewire yourself. Entrepreneurship will demand everything from you, but she will give you a life that few can ever feel pride for. It isn’t a path that is for everyone.


For those of us that choose Pleasurable Hell ahead, WELCOME HOME. The Fire is much sweeter when you hands can handle the heat 😉


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