Why Do Many Feminists Hate Femininity?

Feminism is an exceptionally toxic ideology, created by the Rothschild and Rockefeller families, designed to break up the family unit by inciting hatred towards men, as well as tax women (hence extra money squeezed out), instead of just men going to work. The “fruits” of Feminism, have been seen across the board, with women increasingly more masculine — hence more aggressive, angry and miserable in their own psyches and bodies.

Many women will disagree with me — and that is completely fine. I am all for feminine empowerment, which is women being balanced in their own energy, something that Feminism has absolutely learned to stamp out. I understand the ORIGINAL idea of Feminism and that WAS indeed Feminine empowerment. What we see today, is a degeneration and delineation, of Feminine energy, so far gone — that Feminine women are attacked all the time. I remember posting something on my IG account around 6 months ago about Feminine energy being destroyed by Feminism, and unsurprisingly, I had a hoarde of bitter, ANGRY women screaming at me (oh Feminism…) about how I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT, AND I DON’T NEED WEAR A FUCKING DRESS TO BE A WOMAN.

They desired to bait me into a heck and call argument, but the thing is — Spartanites don’t argue.

I cannot remember the last time I argued with anyone, I simply leave. I remember speaking with a lady who was a Feminist and she was so bitter and angry, I thanked God she had no children to spread that vile hatred to, especially a son. I have watched over the years how women’s Spirits and psyches have been damaged by 2nd and 3rd generation Feminism.

This toxicity oozes instead from miserable, insecure women who, aware they don’t fit into the typical mould of femininity, project their rage at this fact onto women who do. It reminds me of a man, who KNOWS that women will not take him seriously without a decent income, be it from his business/career as well as appearing in a masculine manner. Men who do not have the earning power and drive, will always discredit and berate the men who do. Femininity is seen by many women as needy, pathetic and stupid because it fosters connectivity to a man, and actually asks for a certain level of dependence that is indeed very scary to accomplish in a society where women are told to be SUPERWOMEN and do everything themselves.

Feminine energy in and within itself, requires rest and sensitivity, something the modern day career woman, has completely learned to forgo.

I have many wonderful Spartanite women who have shunned Feminism in favour of true Feminine empowerment, where there is TRUE balance and happiness with good, supportive men. I am all for women having their own voice and happiness, which I do believe the original slant of Feminism provided us. Now, it’s just spiraled into degenerative hatred.

Which is why I designed Malachite Feminine Radiance Bracelet— to restore true feminine harmony within yourself. In a world where increasingly women are told to do everything on their own and by themselves, is it any wonder that women are lost, depressed and exhausted. This bracelet, designed with bio-vibrational scalar energy removes all negative programming as well as promotes a healthy, confident and womanly essence, infused with self-love and gratitude towards others. No longer will you struggle with low self confidence or wondering if you’re worthy enough for something — — you will wake up loving yourself that each bit more everyday!

You owe it to yourself to seek balance in life, and allowing your Femininity to shine through, is the first step 🙂

I would like to hear your thoughts/comments in the section below!