Why Do People Often Brag About Their Success?

Bragging is a concept that many people fall into, and it is when the soul is foolish and has not experienced LIFE in all it’s form. 


One of my hobbies, is watching those who brag. It’s amusing and as the Lacedaemonians who belong to the City State of Sparta, would have said of what controls a man most, is not being able to control his mind during crisis.


It’s like this chemical compulsive addiction to brag because they never feel enough on the inside, so they have to keep reminding THEMSELVES what they have done, achieved, and made. So they make it look like they are reminding YOU of who THEY are. Lions never need to remind anyone they are a Lion. One can spot the difference between a overgrown cat who looks like it needs a sheep shearing, and a Lion. This mundane world general revolves around showing off your money because without that show, how would someone ever know that you have it?


Giddy up, we have to show the world we can now FINALLY AFFORD, the fancy expensive luxury watches, jewellery, houses, cars, and whatever one can think, name, and express. We also have to use these platforms such as Instagram and Facebook because how else will people ever know that we are drinking £100 cup of coffee with edible gold in it now and we are sitting in this £5,000 a night suite. People must know of our lifestyle, so we must be strategic of the photos we share to show we live this amazing, perfect life.




It often eludes many and furthermore, elusively escapes the other half, to behoove themselves in knowing that genuine success is always humble and for the most part, silent. When you walk with the path of Wealth Consciousness, you will naturally elevate to luxury as the threads of money include LUX and LUX-URY — is light.




Light from the planet of URANUS (URY). Let’s explore this, shall we?


Uranus, is the co-ruler of Aquarius, and being one myself, I should know this well. Although Uranus is a strange and unique planet of it’s own forbearing, the one thing I credit every Aquarian, is having brilliant foresight and vision. All luxury goods, experiences, and services, are coveted by people. More so for their UNIQUENESS, than for their rank or status, but most never go that far into thinking that. Combine uniqueness with that expansive feeling of LIGHT, it is little wonder that it overwhelms people.


Bragging comes from when someone feels they have punched above their weight, rank, or station in something. When a man brags about having a beautiful woman on his arm, it is because he knows he feels unworthy of  her presence. Should she have the merits of wisdom, strategy, charm, and intelligence to match — he will be challenged further, because he has to look WITHIN to ask many things and these are questions many do not wish to face. AT ALL. So what does it go back to? Bragging?


Insecurity, is truly a terrible condition to suffer from. But it can be controlled. I believe every single person, including myself, is insecure about something in their life. One can be quiet with their insecurity. But pairing that condition with brazen immaturity & foolishness?


That’s a crime that is simply unforgivable. 


Bragging and begging go together at an energy level.


When someone brags about their work, themselves, their accolades, their results, success, and spotlight, they are begging.


Begging for you to notice them, look at them, acknowledge, validate, and lavish praise, attention, and an ego stroke. Why? Because NOTHING quietens down that pain of I AM NEVER GOING TO BE ENOUGH NO MATTER WHAT, on the inside. 


A man I knew years ago once said “Nadia, strip someone of what they prize and you will discover the person inside, that too, if there is even one. Money is like makeup for us men. We hide a multitude behind it. Because the world sings the praises of the man who has access to large resources. Build the mental deconstruct. It would be a shame if his Tetrahedron of Life, was just made of — money.”. He laughed.


He is a successful, wealthy man himself and has done the emotional work required not to be consumed by his Success.


Bottom line, the real axiom of Success, is ALWAYS leading by SERVING OTHERS 🙂