Why Do People Work Jobs + Live Lives They HATE?

Life is a very strange thing. Whilst most people feel that there is no escape from the misery and drudgery of every day life, some people decide to take life into their own hands and create it as they see fit.

I woke up this morning at 6 am, and was half asleep lying in bed, looking at the light pouring through the curtains. I thought about how millions of people must be waking up all over the country and all over European countries (basing this on GMT and CET time zones), to shower, get dressed, eat and go to a place they hate for majority of their life only to keep repeating the cycle.

People often work jobs, because they do not know what else to do with themselves. It keeps them occupied, busy, engaged and paid enough to keep themselves fed, sheltered and clothed.

This is a fact that most people have consistently admitted to me, as my years have gone by. People work jobs they hate and in turn live lives they hate, because they are too weak to find anything better in the world. We live in an internet age where with one click of a button, you can pay a bill, order food and check messages people send you. One would think that with all that “progression”, people would be able to do something for themselves. Between the invisible waves of fear, low vibrational energy and scarcity projected into the atmosphere through chemtrail smart dust (nano-technology), it is any wonder ANYONE can be happy these days.

Entrepreneurship is a hunting ground. It is not for those who want to be a caged bird and live the life of a sheep, aimlessly wandering around with the rest of the herd.

Most people are miserable, and live vicariously through ridiculous and pointless television programming shows that further hypnotise their subconscious mind to be no better than a mindless slave. People enjoy their victimhood, their sob stories and blaming others. Very few people in modern day society, take responsibility for their actions any longer — lending us a subculture of infantile, juvenile idiots who work jobs and drive cars. The Cabal count on keeping people as stupid, poor and pathetic as possible. When a person is financially messy, they do not hold any personal power. This is one of the main reasons people detest money so much.

It has power over them.

I often have a joke that minimum wage = maximum rage and people end up going postal over things. I mean bat shit fucking crazy. I have worked minimum wage jobs personally, and it is so amazing to have been there with that mindset to see how LITTLE I must have valued my time to be there. Granted, I was starting a life from nothing again, but the mindset in itself–is amazing. It is mental insanity to see how people do the same nonsense 5 days a week, most weeks of the year—and call that a life. Insane and terrifying.

So why are people so miserable?

Well, the answer is simple. There is company with misery. Most people are negative, moany, whiny, complain about everything and they receive sympathy for this misery. It transfers into a neuro-chemical addiction which is akin to being hooked on drugs. As I was designing Spartanite Pre Wealth, and I wrote out the Ruby Laws of Prosperity, it occured to me how many people do not know ANYTHING about money, hold it hostage and casually expect it to show up. Seeing as thinking for One’s Self, has become a rarity. Working a job is easy, when you have no aim about who you are as a person. The elite Cabal, desire this for you—so you’re nothing but a statistic they can bleed dry and dump in the graveyard once they are done siphoning your life force energy.

When a person possesses control over their finances, the rest of their life falls into line. And yet, to possess this very control, one must possess control over their EMOTIONS, something Spartanite Living teaches.

If you desire to generate more money, TRULY do what you love and be paid well for it (not the bullshit nonsense most liars, cheats and thieves feed you to profit from your ignorance..) AND hold onto the money, Spartanite Pre-Wealth is ideal for you ­čÖé

After all, one cannot grow a garden full of fresh vegetables, if the land is still filled with weeds.

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