Why Financial Struggle Means Success

Financial Struggle is something that every person who choose a path outside of the Matrix will face. There is Natural Law, that when you are Spiritual, you learn to follow and with that comes the struggle of not plugging yourself in the system. When I, as a Spartanite, fell on hard times—being without decent cashINflow, taught me many hard lessons.

It taught me character, it taught me adversity and it brought me pain. And where God brings you TO pain, also you shall be brought THROUGH it. I remember having no money, in debt and I still knew I was a millonaire inside. You may wonder what do with yourself, at the worst points of your life and I am here to tell you, the fire that burns inside you HAS TO BE a million times stronger than the one that burns outside you. Financial Struggle means Success because it means that you are given a chance to wipe your slate clean and begin intelligently. When my first business collapsed due to Demonic spirit activity, trying to clean up the painful financial and emotional shards of my life, was the hardest thing as a human being and a woman I have ever done.

Spartanite, I am talking to you. I don’t care if you work in an office, you have sex for money or you’re a mother with 2 kids. People do not define your worth, YOU DO. Money does not define your worth, you do. In fact, you define the money. You command the money where to go. No matter how out and down you are, belonging to the Spartanite tribe means you are never alone. You will never have to feel like no one in this world doesn’t understand your shame and struggle. Financial Struggle is the primer to your foundation. It is the base of your cake, it is the foundation to your house. It keeps you strong, humble and stable. It lends and provides compassion, dignity and honour for those who are less fortunate than you. It motivates to inspire, help and provide for others on the journey.

Never feel ashamed for what you have experienced, my dear. Your experiences have made you, YOU. I don’t care if your parents divorced if you were 2, if you were raped as a teenager or if your abusive ex boyfriend nearly strangled you in a fight. You are more than this. You are more than your financial pain.


And never, ever forget this.

Your Financial Struggle has taught you lessons.

It’s time to put them into practice.

Won’t you join us here?