Why Money Is a Warm Chivalrous Lover & A Seductive Lady

It is very easy to spot a gentleman, when you possess Ladylike traits. —  Her Royal Highness, Lady Duchess Bune — Infernal Spirit of Money, Femininity & Aristocracy


If you’re a woman who is reading this and you like to dominate, compete, fight a man, and you like running like you’re in a hamster wheel, this isn’t for you and it certainly never will be. If you’re a man who doesn’t have a good word to say about women and hates us, just leave the blog, will you. It makes it easier for all of us trying to do a decent job.


Spartanite does not advocate insanity, it is helping resolve the problem.


Alors, bonne lecture Monsieurs et Madames…


Femininity has a certain chic and elegance to it, that cannot be rushed or hurried. 


As it should come as no surprise, most people by default and defacto of what this world looks like, have been infected with the “never enough” virus. I have had clients making millions, STILL say that. This is why I often say “wealth is a having, and the feeling of having, is what counts”.


On that note, I originally wanted to explain the warm chivalry. I quickly remembered how many men read my blog and wanted to write it from a masculine based perspective as well, to keep the seesaw balanced in polarity. When you possess peace inside yourself, you will never find the need to fight with money and try to grab it towards you.


For women reading this, money is like a warm chivalrous man that puts his jacket around you when it is cold as well as walks close to the kerb, for protection. He will always give you his hand to hold or be comfortable with you holding onto his arm when you walk on the street. This is CHIVALRY and a man will do it for a woman he is romantically interested in, irrespective or whatever. This is a form of gentility and a form of well-trained manners and something women who possess ladylike grace, notice (and notice quickly). On the flip side, when a ladylike woman likes a man who has strong masculine and gentlemanly presence , she will be comfortable in his presence and fall into submission and surrender. She knows he is capable enough to lead and follows it joyfully. She is also seductive by virtue of remaining feminine and combining it with flirtation as well as having boundaries for HERSELF that a man should or will never cross.


So you may ask — “What does THIS have to do with money?”


Well, if you’re a woman, know money is a man. If you’re a man, know money is a woman. If one can attribute these traits, you will possess a harmonious and balanced relationship with yourself and with money. For instance, money protects and provides for a woman. That is a man’s job. When you approach money from a place of knowing you are taken care of, supported, nourished, and loved — you do NOT try to fight it or yell at it. Any time you may have something bubble up, ask yourself “Is there something money wants to do for me, that I am not letting him do?”. I was walking past the Mandarin Oriental (hotel), back to my car, in Knightsbridge (in London, of course) and there was a doorman trying to help a woman with her bags as she got out of the car. She was not giving him the bag. You know, feminism and shit lol.


I stood and watched this exchange..


“I can do it ALL by myself — I don’t “need a man” was in FULL swing. Her husband was attending to their son. I took a sip of my hot chocolate and processed the situation.




What a boring and exhausting way to live.


Eventually, the man was persistent and she handed over the bag and it made me think about money at that point. She could have just sweetly stepped aside and let him handle the bags. But no, of course not.


Superwoman wants to do everything all by her damn self these days. #failure


The same goes with men.


You cannot boss, bully, and demand a woman to submit to your presence and have deep surrender which a woman’s DEEPEST DESIRE is to do with a man. When you’re in your presence of masculinity, you will actually repel masculine energy women who want to control you, and ATTRACT money and a feminine based woman who is happy to let you lead, irrespective of how independent she may be. Money is a seductive lady in terms of possessing the presence, however she makes you work hard for your reward. A man WANTS to earn a woman’s trust and her heart. Anything easy, is simply not given time of day in terms of VALUE AND MERIT. A man wants to win over the deal and the woman. Which is what makes it seductive, because seduction is always the promise, the allure, the mystique, and the reward of what lies behind what is presented.


Isn’t it the same with money? Money is exceptionally sexual in nature. The buyer in the feminine, the seller in the masculine. Many people try and explain money from numbers, budgets, quotas, P&L statements, you know — the works that an accountancy course can teach you. 


When you learn the essence of money, it becomes a lover. And a lover, is always ready to shower you with praise, hugs, kisses, affection, flattery, adoration, and fill your day up with wonder and JOY that makes you radiate.


Isn’t it time you stop chasing and allow what is rightfully meant for you to find you?


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