Why Receiving Money/Love & Good Fortune Is So Hard For Most

So I have wanted to write this post for a while now, but first—I had to physically recover from a cold that knocked me out for six.

As I lay still in my bed sneezing (and praying not to sneeze my face off..), something came to me. Most of us are so afraid to surrender. Now, there is a difference between surrendering and giving up, and this is why I wish to address this so much here.

Receiving requires you to be vulnerable and open.


We are constantly terrified that someone is going to be on the take, a man is going to use us, someone is going to scam, rob and rape us–and whatever, so on so forth.

It’s exhausting.


Let that sink in. I remember paying a compliment to someone I was once friends with, and she completely DISMISSED my comment. At that point I knew, she would be getting none out of me, matter of fact, I didn’t even want someone like that in my life. This was very many years back, and I have always said that a compliment is a TRUE and fast litmus test of someone’s self worth.

Most people have little to no esteem. This is why they are easily manipulated, controlled and belittled. As I lay in my bed, I actually felt glad not to be well, because I received the gift of rest. As I stepped more into my Feminine energy, I stepped away from Workaholism and now I do what I can (which means you must prioritize more) and step away from work, to go out to see friends, read a book, sleep etc. Most people do NOT receive blessings of a loving partner, good fortune and money because they do not think they are worth ANY OF IT.

And of course, the Universe will not force it upon someone who doesn’t want it. This is one of the many rules of Money I talk about. Money doesn’t force itself too hard on people. If it realises you do not like it, it simply goes somewhere else. The same is with sexuality. You really cannot enjoy yourself with a man, if you’re constantly terrified he thinks you’re ugly, fat etc. You have to let go and know he is there and he likes you for ALL you are. This level of self worth comes from within. He will simply, follow.

As you continue to work on Spartanite Goddess Self Worth, you will slowly learn to elevate in your new consciousness and simply eliminate anything that isn’t at your level and doesn’t wish to grow. Plants have more sense than people these days, pot them well, love them, water and give them good sunlight and they grow.

Most people on the other hand, have a shit tonne of excuses of why they do not want to grow. Receiving is scary. You have to feel WORTHY of what you are receiving FIRST. Even myself, I have come up on these challenges hard, and I made sure to keep rewiring myself to ask for help from a man when I needed it and ask people in general, if I am stuck. It empowers me to know that I can ask, and help will arrive–a far cry of what my life once looked like. I receive many gifts from clients, friends and vendors alike and I am always so excited to open my parcels and clap! 😀

At the end of each day, in order to keep in flow–we must give thanks for all we receive and make way for more to come our way 🙂

I would love to hear your comments in the section below <3