Why Sexual Magnetism Is Key To Living Authentically

Sexual Magnetism, is one of those elusive topics that everyone seems to try and discover more information on.


It has become a disquieting, boring topic because all they ever seem to cover is technique, and how to wield sexuality as a weapon, instead of a graceful source of power. Sex in today’s age, is empty, boring, and draining. Most people do not have a healthy connection with their emotions, so sex is like gorging on snacks and expecting to become full like after eating a 3 course meal. It is very simple to abuse sexual power over someone, especially if you come from the Abyss and the void space of having energy so deep, dark, and primal — it can physically overwhelm someone just by being in their presence. By overwhelm, it is never overt. It isn’t a pull you feel that is very laden with tangibility. It is a slow, seductive, simmering burn. A burn that creeps up on you, when you least expect it.


A burn that injects itself into your blood, under your skin, and deep into your psyche. 


Most people mistake sexual magnetism for something they need to force themselves into. The key to living authentically, is sexual magnetism — so it is wise for us to ask? But what IS Sexual Magnetism? It is the Cthulhu in the waters, so deep and dark that mere strangers can gaze into your eyes, hear your voice, and feel a draw they have never felt before. Sexual magnetism, is prayerful, expressive, and primal. It is the unforgiving, and unrelenting. It is all and nothing. People in this world, are lost. After the Fall of Atlantis, as the human race, our memories were collectively wiped out. So it comes as no surprise that most of us, are birthed, live, and die in a paradoxical state of thinking we have figured out life, but really — have we?


Sexual Magnetism lies in the LOWER CHAKRAS.


Those who do lower chakra work, come to find that they radiate an easy, and deeply arresting charm that simultaneously possesses great grace and power. For Ladies, our power originates from our womb, the dark space to birth and create new life from, not just a baby — projects, ideas, and creativity that is often who we are at the core. When people come and ask me what to do about finding their purpose, I often ask them deeply personal questions about sexual charm, radiance, and power because in their answers lies the hidden jewels they are to work on, to unleash their full power and potential. There are many successful people in this world who perhaps may very well making the money they desire, even having the sex they want through, intensity, and yet they do not possess innate understanding of using the FULL potential of their sexuality, an ancient sacred force that is so raw and primordial, one sexual encounter can change a life.


This is why the work of the Sacred Temple Prostitute is so Divine. She exists in all psychic women, as we remember the healing we once provided men thousands of years back, through the gateway of our wombs, only to have that work desecrated, humiliated, and destroyed to a point a man can now buy a woman and abuse her as he sees fit. A woman’s empowered womb and wise vagina, can ELECTRIFY and change a man’s entire being, rewire his DNA, and accelerate him at a subatomic level — a gift MANY psychic women, do not REALISE only the most worthy and special man in your life receives.


Sexual Magnetism is the container through which ALL transformation is made possible. It is THE place where you will find your utmost DIVINE MISSION of what you came to this world for. It is easy to have a business that is Successful and make a lot of money, and yet that is NOT most people’s Divine Mission. SO there is STILL, EMOTIONAL HUNGER. Still that sacred ache, that emptiness, that darkness that is so lonely and sad inside, because the money may be feeding their bank account but it has not fed their SPIRIT. 


Living Authentically is very simply when you use nature as your inspiration. Nature gives without asking for anything in return and when you are secure in your sexual being inside your body, you are able to radiate power, love, and authenticity in a way where giving, does not take away from you. Keep working on your lower chakras, keep your aura cleansed through Aura cleanses and learn to empower the base chakra (root chakra) with programmes that always speak of power, speaking your Divine Truth, and also of indulging in feeling sexual energy, as and when you feel it. Do not shut it off in your body, allow yourself to feel it (whether you want to do anything about it or not) and take notice of how that energy moves you closer to what you’re here for!


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