Why There Is Zero Competition In Success Consciousness

“Success Consciousness is simple to achieve, once a person realises what they need to let GO of.” — Belvia

Belvia and I, were walking towards an exhibition centre today and munching on some food, and she said that to me. I was going to a self development exhibition and what I found there, was exactly the anti-thesis of Success Consciousness.

Spartanite, you’re DIFFERENT. And this is WHY you are a Spartanite.

2 years back, I summoned some wonderful Spirits and lamented “I don’t want to offer boring redundant coaching to women, HELP ME!”. They simply replied I needed to follow a specific Tarot card that they disclosed to me at the time, and create Spartanite from it.

“Study the card and them come back to us”

Fast Forward to today—and one of the most fascinating things I find, is that SO MANY Entrepreneurs put themselves in positions where they DO NOT STAND OUT. One does not stand out based on their business, or their branding (albeit, it may be interesting), rather due to your AURA. At this very exhibition, I didn’t find one person, rather 7 people–invaded my personal space, to a point I had to take a few steps back. I was a bit confused and then I remembered that TRUE Planar energy actually involves Success Consciousness. They were trying to siphon the energy for themselves, without realising. (Yes, I do Planar Energy work as well—drop me a line and we can discuss)

So, with that said ;

What IS Success Consciousness?

I took a leaf out of fellow Aquarian (born a day after me!) Abraham Lincoln’s book. Abe L, wasn’t an educated man by any scholastic means, and yet, he was wise, witty, well-rounded and sharp. The one thing I remember picking up from his workings years back, was Success Consciousness. An old mentor of mine who shares his birthday, actually stressed me to study him and his ways, because most people PREPARE for Failure Consciousness. Most people aim for Failure. They aim low, aim at the crowded bottom.

Which is what today’s event reminded me of.

Everyone there was an author selling their story of triumph, a coach, a mentor, a speaker etc etc. It was BORING.

Nothing made ANYONE stand out heads and tails above another person. The people whom I most remember, are those who are RADICALLY different. Radically bold and revolutionary in their approach.

Success Consciousness is CONTROVERSIAL. It is exciting, arousing, annoying, aggravating and arresting. It evokes EMOTION. It is not bland. One must learn how to be FASCINATING, in order to cement Success Consciousness. When you possess this level of Consciousness, you have ZERO competition.

You don’t give a fuck who is what. You’re in your OWN lane, you wish everyone around you the very best and focus on your own life. Success Consciousness minded individuals, want others to WIN and from a genuine place. You will know that based on their tonality and energy.

Stay focused, keep giving ’em hell and STAY A SPARTANITE.