Why Women Are Financially Stagnant

In all my travels, I have found women to be incredibly financially stuck and stagnant, one ranging from not even knowing she has a problem to another who desperately takes one coaching course after the next and doesn’t get why she STILL has no money in her account.

The answer is very simple. It all boils down to low self value and not really believing that they are indeed worth that weight.

I remember years ago, how low I used to charge because it’s really all I thought I was worth. As I kept increasing my worth, value and esteem, the old rates started to look very wrong to me. With that, many clients dropped off because they had been attracted by me on the old paradigm of lack.

Financial stagnancy is an age old problem with women. It comes from a collective belief that women should be somehow dependent on a man for their financial livelihood as well as not understanding Finance(s) because the terminology is far to masculine. Masculine terms put me off as well, so what I learned to do is take the appropriate Finance term and then write a sentence describing WHAT it actually was. Once that started to move, I found Finances all that much simpler.

I often teach Money and it’s systems through spiritual basis and metaphysics. It is a fresh and revolutionary new concept for women to understand cash (in) FLOW rather than just “cashflow” which will not make sense to a lot of women who are financially uneducated. If you are feeling stuck for money, it is simply because that is the vibration (we all have one) that you are broadcasting out there into the world and when money hears the signal, it doesn’t go to a place that is stagnant and stuck.

How much life do you know resides in a dirty, stagnant pond?


The same analogy runs with money. Clean up your life, your thoughts, your mindset, your processes and learn to vibrate on a frequency that seduces and attracts money here.

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