WINNING : The Simple Disinterest To Lose


“Have you ever noticed that some individuals, simply do not know how to lose? You can place them in any situation across the globe, and thanks to their resourcefulness, willpower, and, determination, they always seem to come up on top? Some people can close deals, win negotiations, and have everything in their favour, without much effort? Their whole presence presents a winning mindset, an aura, if you may- that speaks louder than they do.” — Chapter 1 — The Winning Mindset Simplified — WINNING : CREATE THE LIFE YOU DESERVE THROUGH CHARM, MAGNETISM, AND, STRATEGY.




The Simple Disinterest to lose.


The Individual falls down 7 times, gets up 10.


A person who sees any way out in any circumstances, long after those who lack determination and willpower, packed up and left.


A person who doesn’t take defeat as their option, no matter how many times they have not succeeded.


A person who overcomes all the odds, designed to keep them in a place of broken helplessness.


Winning is not handed to you in life.


You must employ your character of determination, will, and, fortitude.


A type of character that can buy you money, however money cannot BUY IT FOR YOU.


You either have it, or you don’t.


Winning is making sure, even when it didn’t go your way, it does.


To be a Winner, life will have had to have challenged you.


To the point of death, to the point of exhaustion, to the point of absolute no return into the old you, that once existed.


Winners are not born in weak, comfortable, and, soft environments.


The disinterest to lose means seeing Opportunities Over Barriers.


Winning has a mannerism of primal power, grace, and, commitment to yourself.


A Winner COMMITS to themselves…


..they do not abandon their intuition, their understanding, and do not people please, approval seek, to gain favour.


A winner, is not a performance artist.


He or She, does not mould and bend into a fake masked facade to impress or please you because you disapprove or displease of your own self.


We are, AS IS.


A person who WINS, is an independent thinker.


No one thinks for a winner, they think for themselves at all times.


Their own thoughts and opinions…


Winners do not sit at tables where people whine, moan, and, complain about their life being a shitstorm mess.


Winners don’t hang around victims of life as victimhood, is a contagious disease.


A Winner requires you take full deep throttle responsibility of your own life, lest life gets any funny ideas and bosses YOU around.


What does it mean to WIN?


The Simple Disinterest to Lose 🙂