Women and The “Badass” Concept

This is a fascinating post that I feel to write, especially in light of seeing how Cocky and dick like most Entrepreneurs become, when they uplevel their income brackets.

One of my long-time friends phoned me last night, and it was such a joy to catch up with him and discuss so many things. I came to realise how braggy most people are, when it comes to their business goals, having “ambitious” goals that you and that person FULL WELL KNOW, would never be able to achieve. This isn’t me disappointing people, this is me looking at things from very realistic perspectives. For one person, 500K is a sale is realistic, another, it isn’t. It all depends on your personal horsepower to bring and retain money in.

Which leads me to a bizarre concept I have seen in self development circles.

Women are so obsessed with becoming “badass”. I have had a few people call me that, and that term makes me hyper-uncomfortable. I have lived and overcome extreme adversity, and I would never label myself something that was out of alignment with my own nature. All Spartanites have a very strong masculine slant, of independence, courage, and freedom. Traits that are atypically viewed as masculine and shall always be so. When I typically look at women using these terms, badass usually comes with aggression. These women have not tapped into their true GODDESS EMPOWERMENT. They are not calm, yielding, kind and soft as well as possess a strong Spartanite boundary concept in the Dark Feminine, to provide them with powerful compassion and understanding.

They are so busy just trying to just create nonsensical havoc wherever they go, instead of an orderly system where one can learn to practice being a silent storm, to complete annihilate anything in your way. There is too much mouth, no trousers –as the saying goes. Most of these women are severely insecure and hide behind this “badass mask”, to reassure themselves they can take on anything. Most of them LOOK masculine and they look tired and exhausted and they want to talk about all the awards they have won, how many books they have written and all their atypical “masculine achievement bank”, instead of truly honouring the DARK GODDESS –where Silence, Strength and Kindness, is a dish de jour. Most business owners allow money to go to their head, and they end up become showy, braggarts and no one likes that.

One of the things that kept me and a lot of Spartanite women that I possess the honour to mentor, on track—was the invocation of the Dark Feminine. The Silent Storm that is calm, confident, and capable of achieving anything she puts her mind to, with grace and dignity. I am most certainly not here to take away from anyone’s brand who is working but when I see “badass” with women, I traditionally see a woman who doesn’t know how to honour the Dark Feminine, and she thinks being the Tasmanian Devil in the sign of Aries, lends her more clout and credibility.

In the OCCULT realms, the less you say–the better.