Your LIFE GPS to Healing + Overcoming a Rough Upbringing

In Spartanite, I don’t have a tendency to attract people who seem status-quo, well adjusted — in pretty, cushy little jobs, businesses, and, lives. People who live a ho-hum, mind numbing, dull, dim, and, non- existence they pitifully call a “life” and find the gall to look at those of us ACTUALLY living with baited envy and quiet desperation.


People who are psychic, who practice sorcery, who understand energy, vibration, and, alignment and who enjoy me, who find me, and who benefit from Sparty, BEST. I am not a muggle mentor and I don’t teach you slowlane processes the way normal “mentors and coaches do”. Mentoring with me means FUN. Fun in all areas of your life! Initiations, connections, happiness, elevation, power, money, sex, high society, beauty, confidence, drive, charisma, magnetism, regal manifestations — you name it, and I will help you claim the prize you desire the most.


I don’t preach mindset. I expound on BEAUTIFUL SORCERY and ROYAL WAY TO LIVE, that aligns your mind to zip through life like a hot knife through butter.


My SPECIALITY is saving you YEARS and DECADES, because I re-align your MORPHOGENETIC FIELDS to manifest things in record time. No one has the time to wait from a limited based thinking. I tweak your mind quickly, to run like an expensive supercar with premium gas in the tank,  so you see things from an elevated perspective, FAR BEYOND your speech, lingustics, videos, website copy — etc.


When you have CHARM, CHARISMA, PRESENCE, SEXINESS, AND, CONFIDENCE — even the most obscure people FIND you. 


There are plenty of boring people in business and muggle mentors are for them.


I am not one.


Sparty is for those of us who have NEVER fit into society and nor do we give a fuck about doing so.  We don’t try and explain it, we are STRANGE AND PROUDLY HAPPY.


We have never fit into our families of origin/birth — in fact, they were probably the root cause of all our damage and trauma, and mainstream culture has labelled us misfits, weirdos, bad, mad, crazy, sad, and insane. 


We are weird and quite happy about being weird. The institutions couldn’t control us, school was a waste of time, we left universities half way — jobs fired us, businesses collapsed, and yet we are still here and GOING. We are the people who reject all the nonsensical bullshit of conventional society and yet, where is the MANUAL FOR HEALING AND OVERCOMING A ROUGH UPBRINGING? Where you had not a single person to show you the ROPES OF LIFE ITSELF?




It takes courage to be in your own lane in a wasteful, evil, satanic, cruel, psychopathic world that wants you to be a bio-engineered zombie.


I remember I desperately wanted to fit in somewhere when I was younger, which is comical — because I would have never dug the Earth with my bare hands to have Sparty today meaning all the other weirdos like me are quite happy in their new home with me here! Thank GOD I am not like the people I met growing up!


But what do you do when those moments hit? You know the ones where you think your life is under control and suddenly, it’s that moment of lack? Scarcity? Fear? Panic? Paranoia? Confusion? Despair? What do you do? Loneliness? That floor feels like the same ol’ wobble you’ve left behind, right?


Teaching and embodying the STEEL SLAT CORE OF EMPOWERMENT (for which I created Scorpionic empowerment specifically for — click here) is what I do best. I affectionally call it BOLD CONFIDENCE. It’s called building that core inside so that when those earthquake days hit, the building inside you rolls and withstands the pressure, instead of crumbling. I have my own special methods of healing Complex PTSD and one time trauma PTSD equally. All of them, work.


When you’re abandoned, ashamed, have little help or guidance as a ROAD MAP, you turn to all types of things to numb that pain. Loneliness kills and every single human needs atleast one solid person they can count on or trust. Some of us grew up without any, because we saw this world for what it really is. Your worth crashes, along with your esteem and confidence. I don’t teach false hope, I don’t have time for it. You need REAL solutions and real advice not convoluted regurgitated bullshit “don’t worry, chin up” that pedestrian people want to shove down your throat.


We call it PRIMAL LAW.


(Do people just hear all these boring phrases like “oh onwards and upwards, chin up” at those boring watercoolers? Why do all of them bleat and parrot the same thing — PEDESTRIAN, CANNOT HELP YOU BECAUSE THEY DISMISS YOUR PAIN AND FEELINGS, REJECT THEM)….


Overcoming a rough upbringing is a two -fold. There are no “manuals” and yet, life survival strategy, is just that.


I have used this Sparty Alchemical Formula myself and I teach it globally 🙂 Use this formula for your whole life, and you will see results far past whatever your “confidence coaches teach you”.


  1. Strive to overcome. Get ruthless and angry enough to get OUT of your circumstance of hopelessness, lack, insanity, desperation. In other words, TAKE ACTION. Do something, anything — it will propel you forward. Once you’re on the way to moving forward, keep pressing forward. No looking back — just strive to get away from your current reality as fast as possible. Rely heavily on your intuition.


      2. Strive to heal. Overcoming is not healing. Just because someone may have grown up without money and now has a high flying banking job, isn’t the healing process. That job is going to REALLY highlight all the pains and insecurities of the NOT HAVING, so much so, the money from that paycheque should be thrown into counselling, energy healing, and, inner child work. That is how you build the foundation inside. You have to address the parent who was murdered, the parent who abandoned you, the family who should have been there, but aren’t and weren’t, the mother who left, the father who divorced, the household with no money, the violence you have seen, the brother on drugs, the child molester uncle,  the family who abused and bullied you,(whatever YOUR family trauma), the neglect, shame, abuse, worthlessness, and, suicidal trip that lives inside you everyday. Healing is facing and ADDRESSING IT.




Many people like bypassing healing and focus their whole life to overcome. That is why you still have people who are Successful but they are angry. Their anger is justified and valid. It is also a huge orange flag that they require deep levels of SELF COMPASSION AND SELF AWARENESS to address and admit that what they have experienced, is terrible and they need to sit with that grief and loss.


Healing teaches us, all of us healthy humans (of what is left of us…?) crave real love and affection. We want to be championed, celebrated, loved, praised, and, held in high regard and esteem. Sometimes we are so utterly hungry for love and presence, we cling onto anything. Predators know this first, spot it like a shark smells blood, and, move in. These are the gaps, Sparty is helping you heal up, so you’re whole and settled inside yourself 🙂


You cannot have a healthy business in your life if you YOURSELF are not willing to face yourself. Minus deep development, your business at best, is a hustle. It is not a LIFE. It is not something that nourishes and sustains you. 


I want you to know that you’re capable. You may not have had the world’s help, you may have always felt like a misfit, an outsider, and marched to the beat of a drum no one but you, could hear. You are capable of overcoming, of healing, of loving, of being loved, and, of living a DIGNIFIED life filled with respect.


No matter what your story, what your shame, what your pain, how far behind you may think you are, tomorrow — just as always, the sun will shine upon you again. The sun doesn’t judge…


As doesn’t, Spartanite 🙂


Welcome Home


You new life awaits…


The life you are deserving of.