Your Truth Is Yours, and Yours ONLY

Considering, we live in a world that is a loony bin, bonafide mental asylum — it is wise for a sane minded individual to speak much less than they hear. 


After seeing an audacious and brave spider in my bathroom not too long ago, quite casually descending from the ceiling to the floor, like it had arrived at my place for a late night 5 Star dining, I was genuinely impressed.


I had walked in and saw it do it’s thing — rivaling Tom Cruise in his infamous scene with the music playing (click here to follow on) in Mission Impossible, I got a bottle of shampoo — and let it climb up on it fast and I put it out of the window calmly to get on with it’s ambitious arachnid life plans.

Side note : Professional bank robbers can learn a thing or 3 from this Spider. 


On that note…


In recent times, of course, with the advent of nanotech being sprayed on us to wipe the entire human race out (wiping the traits that making a person human — Love, Empathy, Kindness, Compassion, Justice, Strength, Courage) and replacing it with exactly what we see the “modern human” has become (selfish, cowardly, weak, depraved, sick, greedy, violent, moral-less and soul-less), very few humans have been left to comprehend what the Truth actually IS, and how we can utilise it to arm and defend ourselves from what is truly coming ahead in this decade — in which, — well — I will leave it to your imagination….


I advise each person reading this to look for their own Truth, and a truth that absolutely no one who isn’t tuned into THEIR OWN TRUTH, can tell you.


From photos alone, I can see issues, challenges, fears, hopes, and dreams that a person may be struggling with. I have done sufficient emotional work on and within myself, to tie invisible threads, leading me to fast, and accurate conclusions. People have little to zero comprehension of what is the right thing for them, because they are looking for validation in the EXTERNAL to show them the way. I know this from experience and one of my own biggest challenges was to find a person or a set of people who could model how to tie Occult Power with Business and create a running, successful, and stable financial base out of it. I had less help in doing that, and more in using my OWN intuition plus powerful Spirit guidance, of slotting up the jigsaw pieces and seeing what was hitting and what was not. As I kept executing on the information given, I saw the business take shape and it made more sense. There are few people I could look at and think “ah yeah, they GET what I want and I can sort of ish, model it after what they have done”. 


Unique perspectives aren’t like driving school. You don’t get to hire out an instructor to teach you the ABC of your 5 step gear (6 if you cruisin’ out here) and it is NOT one size that fits all.


I truly admire those who can do the plug and play in Business, and make tonnes of money in doing so. Business is simple that way. You have a product or a service, every other jumped up squirrel on cocaine is doing the same thing, you use their stuff, and Voila — C’est Parfait. 


On the way of accessing your Truth, you are going to have re-wire your DNA to the ORIGINAL ZERO POINT SET YOU HAD BEFORE YOU WERE VACCINATED AND TRAUMATISED BY THIS SICK WORLD. That alone, is no joke because with all a person has consumed since they were young, your cells and your organs are often so damaged — you don’t even realised you’re living a dysfunctional, fucked up, and crazy life because everyone around you is also insane (yes thank you to the nanotech we are all chipped with, yep everyone — no one has escaped this, seriously).


Everything is a this, or that. Everything is a fast promotion, a gimmick, a hype.


But your Truth?


It is YOUR Truth only. And don’t expect people who are mentally unwell (the normal, boring, people, as they call them in society) to expect your truth. Their truth DIED inside them a long time ago. Their body is a dead dry husk. They have no life-force, no agency, no personal power, no will. I have spoken with the dead who have more life than the actual living who seem to walk, talk, and eat.


The Dead, dispense advice with FORCE, POWER, VIGOR, AND COMMAND. They see all you do not. When you trust in their guidance, you will see all we as people, have been totally cut off from. They aren’t half as scary as you have been lied to to surrender your control to those that hate you and want you dead. All humans, sense, you have to TRUST what you’re shown, hearing, and feeling. TRUST increases your ability. That’s about all on that note.


When you try to move on that chessboard, every pawn will be thrown at you, to block you. It’s canny that even after meditation, most people cannot access their own DIVINE TRUTH. They are still people pleasing, jumping on the train of other people’s ideas, putting people before them and everything else I can scribble out until all the farm animals and their 50 relatives, made it home into the barn.


Answers, which is YOUR TRUTH, come in the one thing most modern humans, avoid.




People hate silence more than they even hate themselves.


And self-hatred is the dish du jour...


You have your phone that watches and records your every move, to keep you busy. Porn. Music. Mindless conversations. Empty Goals. People to fake your entire lifestyle for, and hope they like you (they don’t like themselves, tough shit on them liking you).  Movies. Concerts. Entertainment. You know, anything and everything to keep you away from the truth.


Because when you find your deep CELLULAR truth, there is no mould you will ever fit into. You will walk with your own SOVEREIGNITY AND FREEDOM.


You will be forced to create your own lane. A lane no one has ever seen, or heard or — let alone dreamt of. 


A lane, I will be happy to share with you, to free you into your true NORTH STAR.






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