5 Hidden Signs Of Poverty Consciousness + Solving Them

Poverty consciousness, is a topic that I rarely speak on, because it’s affluent counterpart — Wealth Consciousness, is far nicer to cover. Someone asked me the other day what Hidden signs of poverty consciousness I was aware of, aside the obvious one of being cheap. I thought long and hard about it and then proceeded to write this for you 🙂

Over the years, I have seen MANY signs of poverty consciousness, and for me–these are the top 5 that often stand out to me, in any country, race, religion, nation, creed, tribe and philosophy that I tend to observe.

1.THEFT — My absolute favourite on the poverty consciousness chapter. Most people mistakenly think that theft just covers money. Theft goes far beyond than money. Theft, can be of anything. In the realms of information, most people simply steal ideas and execute them poorly as I have often come to see, because what they stole isn’t theirs, on an energetic level. I recently had so very many clients e-mail me and tell me they saw my work on someone else’s website being paraded around shamelessly– that was changed around and stolen from the years of hard work I have put into Spartanite. People were phoning me, sending me screenshots and confused why someone would even do this.  It didn’t surprise me in the least because ONLY work that is STELLAR and BRILLIANT, is stolen. As Belvia, always reminds me — thieves don’t break into empty houses. When I see people steal, I know that no matter WHAT level of money they come into, they will always be mentally poor. Thieves know nothing but to consume, which is why they always stay that way.

2. LAZINESS –– Laziness is a parasitical disease and a disease once spotted, needed to be eliminated as fast as you can drink a glass of water. Lazy people always have excuses for things, and lazy people I personally often find, are victims. Victims cannot ever have money, because it destroys the narrative of the “woe is me” and it’s” me against the world”. I know victim-hood very well, there was a part of me that inherited it from my mother and I had to use all my strength in Spartanite, to leave it behind. Laziness is always convenience, simplified. Laziness comes from entitlement and not having any ambition to GET anywhere in life.  “Lazy days off”, aren’t becoming language for those who are successful, yes, you should take a day or 2 off to give your mind and body a rest, being lazy during it? It’s a recipe for failure.

3. DEGRADING MONEY/FEAR OF MONEY — I can instantly tell someone with a poverty consciousness mindset, because not only do they often possess leech like lazy + thieving qualities, they can never truly mean well with their relationship with money. Money doesn’t appreciate being spoken down to, doing stupid things for as well as trashed and then in the same breath—wanting it. It doesn’t work like that, and money will simply avoid your house on the Opportunity Rounds it makes daily to stop by to bless you.

4. JEALOUSY — There isn’t a single person I have ever met in my entire existence that possesses poverty consciousness and isn’t jealous/envious. In fact, it is IMPOSSIBLE to share good news with a person who has poverty consciousness, because they will always come up with snide, cruel remarks to throw you off balance. I have had so many snide remarks made to me (mainly by narcissists and other deranged individuals), simply because I used hard work and persistence to achieve what I desired. Jealousy is a cousin of Laziness and lazy people are always jealous (goodness knows what for…?) because hard working people remind them of their own lack of drive. Poverty consciousness demands victim-hood, laziness, thieving mindsets as well as envy for anyone who is diligently plodding along on their journey.

5. PRAISING POVERTY/BEING POOR –– This is one that is rather challenging to spot but when you DO, run. Those who enjoy being poor (yes,most people do) always moan and complain about something. Especially “Capitalism, Government, Politicians” and how “unfair” life is. Look, we live in a survival world and poverty mindset people are way too lazy to learn the trade of wealth itself to tap into it. Poverty Consciousness individuals constantly complain about how they aren’t paid enough, and find others to blame instead of just admitting that they enjoy not having money because they would rather be a lazy whiner instead. You cannot change the Economy itself, but what you can change is YOU. YOU, alone –get to transform and shift what is and isn’t working to magnetize money to you. You can read all the “money manifestation” journals, books, audios and whatever, but unless you’re vibrating on the frequency of money, it simply won’t appear. Most people are angry at money for no good reason, because their financial illiteracy doesn’t allow them to leave behind their victim sob story about how everyone has done them wrong.

The major thing I often find with those in a poverty mindset, is victim-hood. They have to complain about how they world is SO unfair and how “they could only catch a break”. Victims often don’t realise that if they stopped whining so much, opportunities would open up and unfold to them rather simply. I had someone I know recently miss out on a MASSIVE opportunity that would have brought him what he looked for in his business, because of his whingey, whiny and annoying behaviour. The company who was going to hire him, simply dropped him because he whined about everything, leaving him at Square one. With nothing.

Fear is a LIAR and it causes many people to stay stuck because scarcity programming is one hell of a drug and something that keeps people trapped and spinning their wheels. When you turn to Entrepreneurship, you accept that you will not have anything to whine about, aside your own performance (or lack of, rather).

Be strong, invest in yourself by discovering about the Ruby Laws of Prosperity and stay WINNING.

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