Channeling Bune — The Oncoming Deep Freeze Chill of The Northern Hemisphere

A year ago, on the 20th of Sept, 2020 — I wrote a blog piece about 6 months later (and that too, after much consideration) on Bune’s comment’s and I have much to share in a year from HRH Lady Duchess Bune. You can find that piece by clicking here — it will give you insight into International affairs and current events. 


As I stood waiting for the train at 5pm London time not too long ago, I felt a wave that is uncanny for early October. I was in a thick scarf and thick layers — I felt a bone curdling chill, a chill one only feels in sub zero temperatures. I have been in these type of temperatures, right down to -27C in my travels, so I am very aware of their uniqueness. Something felt off.


In the UK, we have had a very warm autumnal/fall season (of course) manipulated by the HAARP grid and geo-engineering. Bune has had a LOT to say to me in my evocation of her, including the manufactured communist fuel lines where people are waiting 4 hours to fill up their tank, as well as the NETWORK. I mention the NETWORK in the previous blog as well,  and it is a sense of perma-connectivity, man to machine. The temp has suddenly dropped and is going to hit record breaking lows not too long from now.


There are already “rumours” about fuel shortages as we saw in the country, gas, electricity, water, food, you name it – it’s coming.  The majority of people when thinking of Commies, think of the long lines in the Soviet, Cuba etc — and think it’s a distant far cry. The end goal is to make a China communist state at a global level in EVERY nation, so you need to shit test the sleeping populace to see their reactions, in systemized increments before going the whole hog. I have done a lot of praying (you’re gonna damn well need it to stay connected to God), and I was able to evoke Bune after a period of time where I could feel her come in. Evocations will increasingly become difficult due to the sub-atomic particles of 5G blocking people’s minds from organic healthy connection. Their rollout is going ahead FULL speed. The Duchess Herself speaks of an interesting revelation that I was finding hard to understand….


“It is wise for you to shop now. Shop like you will be in sub-zero temperatures, as you may find yourself there. For millions, there will be no respite. It is too late, their fate is sealed”.


Bune showed me a deep freezer, albeit an empty one and simply stared at me, I was also shown industrial freezers and bodies everywhere. I immediately understood that there will be blizzards, storms, black outs, power outages and general chaos– as well as terrible other things I’d rather not scribe on this PUBLIC blog. That chaos is being amplified by the devil code (QR code) they want you to scan when you sit in restaurants, in public places — that ugly dismorphic diabolical square looking thing that seems to be on every toothpaste, every cafe table, every supermarket placard — it is plain EVIL and is designed to cause energetic chaos and in itself has the codes to a permanent poverty hex to the multitudes who interact with it who are of THE NETWORK. This code has mysteriously popped up everywhere and no one is talking about it, so here I am.


I may be the first to say, they will tattoo it onto many and MANY will willingly sign up for it, as they have done with many other things… many global survivors have barcodes branded and tatted onto them, the procedure is the same except why force someone into something when you can sidestep your karma and trick them into enslaving their own self?


This winter WILL be cold and it will be a type of cold that many could have simply not imagined. In playing multi-dimensional chess, the Spirits often use ONE word to mean almost 15 different things. The cold I speak of, is simply not of chill or quasi-tundra, the cold goes and extends to people, and covers humanity. The cold that you can wrap up for, is great. Atleast there is a solution.


Unfortunately, there is no solution with veins that do not carry the blood of empathy and compassion, rather the ice cold water of inhumanity to follow shortly.


You’re gonna have to do a whole lot more to remain sane. Bit by bit, piece by piece, the psychopaths move their pawns and you lose more of your sanity.


What’s your breaking point?


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