Dutchess Bune & Building Your Abundant Life

As I walked through Central London this morning, I decided to stop by a super plush small coffee house that does pancakes, gold covered chocolates, fancy teas etc — as a treat for Dutchess Bune — Feminine Spirit of Money, Femininity, and Seduction. The Dutchess (as I call her often), is very much an Aristocratic spirit in the Daemonic Hierarchy, and appears to me as a STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL lady of Arabian Descent with a green top (or dress?), deep kohl lined eyes and seductive rose perfume.

Arriving at the quaint little shop, I saw why Bune had chosen the shop. Decorated in pink and red roses on the outside in a quiet street just off one of the busiest roads, I went in and it looked “fit for a Queen”. I bought a few things for her, some Rose Tea and decided to walk back to the Station. As I was walking back, she started mentioning how people create their own reality; especially when it comes to their Self Worth, by appreciating or depreciating themselves. I asked her what she meant, here is what she (roughly) had to say :

(Dutchess in Bold Italics, Myself in normal font)

“Sweetie, I have told you many times, when a Lady walks like a Queen, she is treated like one. When a Gentleman walks like a King, people follow suit. When people meet you, they can overall (unconsciously) have a very good idea of how much you make, where you live, how you were educated, what you are; all simply by the way you carry yourself. Have you ever met someone who is clearly quite talented at something, and yet STILL manages to talk themselves out of it?”

“Yes, I have. Actually, more than I care to believe.”

“Nadia, everything is based on Self Worth. Most people can have a FANTASTIC lifestyle, but they will not ALLOW themselves to possess it. They don’t feel WORTHY of nice things, a wonderful life. They have bought into the story of Struggle and it is simply more comfortable to stay there. When you upgrade, everything and everyone around you has to do the same thing to. Most people won’t make the cut. We are being honest when we say that a good life, is for the few. As it is only the few who have the respect and honour for money and what it can bring. A Goddess Lifestyle 🙂 ” 

“I definitely agree!”

“Sweetie, a car!! Hold on, let it pass and we will cross!”

“OH! Thank you! O.o”

(Talk about having a mini heart attack, by missing a car hauling itself towards you and not realising)…

“A human being’s ONLY task, is to keep working on their Self Worth. Everything else follows suit. The story that most people have in their head, is “I can’t afford it.”. They don’t even TRY. They don’t even ASK for an installment, or help. They simply walk away because again — they lack confidence to ask. The very first £10K we asked you to invest in Spartanite, actually King Clauneck requested you — do you remember your reaction? You nearly ran to the bathroom and threw up! We laughed, because we knew you needed to FEEL that fear and do it anyway. Most people are simply paralysed by fear. Their story they tell themselves, is ALWAYS not being able to afford something, hence what does their reality become?”

“They can’t afford it, Dutchess.”

“Well, yes. It is less about not being able to afford something and more about two things. Firstly, people do not see the VALUE in something and secondly, they don’t believe they are worthy. Building an abundant life, starts by changing how you address yourself. Nadia, how would you describe yourself?”

“I am a Woman?”

“HA HA HA. Sweetie, a bit more than your gender, please 😉 … “

“I am beautiful, successful, wealthy, and happy. Also I have lovely long hair lol”

(I saw Bune laugh again and smile at my hair)

“How hard was it to say those words? Did you feel you needed to struggle to say any of them?. Yes, your hair is lovely! <3"

“Erm? The Successful bit. It took me a long time to accept I am ALREADY successful and that Success is basically being deserving of everything and you can create a life to afford it. I used to think you needed to make X amount to be successful, but actually, you don’t. It’s nice to have that — but having financial stability and a creative mentality, is really all you need. Also, the beautiful bit — after abuse, it took me a long time to accept my natural beauty and see goodness and beauty in myself, again. The Wealthy bit, I now have a great understanding of money and have Self – Discipline, so I’d say making money is pretty simple, if anything. Happy, because I am proud of what I created.”

“That was rather concise and a grand exercise for your mind. It is easier to hate yourself as we have taught you, as the world teaches you to believe you are poor, ugly, and of no worth. It is easy to control a human’s mind, that way. Were there any times you struggled calling yourself the above verbs and adjectives?”

“Yeah, like when a deal fell through or I had a random spot come out on my face. When I was reminded of my past, I felt awful again and low. But you guys taught me that when you learn to play a piano with a second note, it always clashes; before you can learn the new version. However, I know a bad day, isn’t a bad life now 🙂 Thanks!”

“You are welcome! I, endeavour you to teach many people through your Spartanite workings, that their Self – Worth is the LYNCHPIN to everything in their life. Most people consider themselves ugly, stupid, and unworthy– and hence their life follows suit. You will teach others how to shine! Big Kiss <3"

As I felt Dutchess’ voice fade away, I realised I had reached the station and began my descent down the stairs. I thought of what she said and I realised that MOST people’s exercise is an exercise in Self Worth which means Loving yourself more.  You can discover how to do that, right here

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