Having Strong Boundaries As A Woman Featuring Belvia

“Healthy boundaried women are often single for a while, because they don’t put up with pervert’s bullshit” — Belvia

I turned my whole neck around to the next sun lounger that looked empty but my Spirit Guide Belvia was lying in the sun with a small Bellini and sipping on it (her favourite) and looking back at me. My view was of a gorgeous swimming pool and there was a couple swimming in it and another lady sat on the hem of the pool. Eating a nice bowl of chips (fries for the Americans reading this) and a mango smoothie made fresh, the hot Asian sun was beating down on me and I was loving every second of my skin dialing up my already perfect shade of brown.

I asked Belvia questions on women being single all over the world, being with the right or wrong man, and her response on pervert’s bullshit made me literally burst into laughter. The swimming pool couple looked at me weird. Here is another woman, laughing alone. *sigh*

“Nadia, do you know HOW many women “have a man” because they have no boundaries, no standards, and zero self worth?”. Do you know how easy it is for losers to walk into a woman’s life when she has no respect for herself because she is another paper towel to use, abuse, and throw away? Do you know how painful it is for a woman to think THAT little of herself? Do you know how many healthy men cannot find proper women to be with because all they come across are needy, scared, timid, shy, little girls in a grown woman’s body? Do you realise GRAND women are often single for a long time because they demand a healthy, happy, respectful man — and those men have done the emotional work on themselves. They are not El Mucho Macho 2 year old toddler narcissistic emotionally retarded bastards. This world is such a mess.”

I sat listening to Belvia, and thought “Explains a lot.”.

I asked her “Well, how do these women break out of this place. How do they get to a place where they do not attract predators who take advantage of them? How do they leave their low self worth behind?”

Belvia : “Well, the answer is simple. You have to heal inside and rise into your power. You build yourself up inside and fill up your own emotional banks, so that these type of people cannot get into your life. When you truly heal the core wound of co-dependence, predators have nothing to prey on. For one of their mind games, you have 10 huge machetes ready to chop everything off again. Predators don’t like too much of a fight. They most certainly don’t like people who have them figured out like the morning sunlight. Maybe just a little one to make them feel special, but predators go for the vulnerable. Those they can control quickly. Women are generally naive and trust quickly. When a woman is healed inside, her intuition is at it’s strongest point. She trusts herself before blindly trusting others.

Doing the inner work, is painful and hard. It requires persistence and patience to grow into a powerful new version of you. A version this world would rather not see. A version that demands and commands love, respect, and healthy presence. A version people cannot take advantage of, any longer.

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Why be just a woman, when you can be a SPARTANITE?

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